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What is Rosuvastatin?

Rosuvastatin is the generic formulation of Crestor and belongs to a class of drugs called statins (drugs that can lower cholesterol). Being developed by Shionogi, the brand formulation of this drug became the fourth highest selling drugs in the US in the year 2013. It works similar to other statins, by lowering the cholesterol levels in blood thus preventing heart attack and strokes. It is found that statins reduces the risk of strokes or attack and even mortality from heart disease by 25%. The medicine is approved by FDA for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. These pills can be obtained from a legitimate Rosuvastatin online pharmacy that provides quality products to its customers.

What is Rosuvastatin used for?

The drug is effective in the treatment of high cholesterol and its related medical conditions and it is also utilized to prevent cardiovascular disease when it is accompanied with exercise, specific dietary regimen and weight reduction plan. The pill is supposed to be used only when a person has not noticed any difference in cholesterol levels by practicing exercises, maintaining a hygienic diet and a healthy weight. This generic pill is prescribed to people who wish to experience the efficacy of medication but failed because of the cost. Get generic Rosuvastatin online that provides the same effect as the brand one but at an affordable price. The pill is competent of increasing the level of high density lipoproteins, which are the needed cholesterol in the body.

How to take Rosuvastatin?

The dosage of this pill depends on the age, medical condition, tolerance of the person to the medicine and other medications that are taken by the person while he is on treatment with this drug. The typical dose of this prescription pill ranges from 5mg to 40mg. The medicine can be taken with or without food orally once a day. People who are prescribed with antacids are advised to take them 2 hours prior to taking this pill as the ingredients present in antacids may hinder the efficacy of Rosuvastatin. It is also important to buy Rosuvastatin online only after getting it prescribed from an authorized physician to know if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Side effects of Rosuvastatin

Some of the common side effects arising out of the use of this drug are abdominal pain, muscle pain, loss of memory, high sugar levels, insomnia and depression. Below are the side effects that are serious but occur in people only on a rare basis

The side effects that are caused due to allergic reactions can be eliminated when a person is able to get prescribed Rosuvastatin online as the physician will provide complete information while prescribing them.

Interactions with other drugs

There are many drugs that interact with the functioning of this drug. Some of them are anticoagulants like warfarin and cimetidine, other cholesterol medications like niacin and HIV protease inhibitors when taken with ritonavir. Also an individual who is on treatment with this drug is advised to reduce the alcohol intake level in order to minimize the risk of liver damage.