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rhinocort aqua vs benadrylRhinocort Aqua is a formulation of the corticosteroid budesonide, and is available for use as a nasal spray. The medication can be availed with a prescription and is used primarily in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and in controlling long-term asthma. The drug itself helps to control the inflammation in the nasal tract caused by allergies and related health conditions, with its uses extended to other ailments as well.

Benadryl, one of the brands of Diphenhydramine, is a popular antihistamine that can help control itchiness, hives, nasal congestion, common cold, and other allergic symptoms. One can take this without being prescribed for it as there are over-the-counter forms of this drug available. Since one of the effects of the drug is to induce sleep, it is administered in patients who may have some trouble sleeping as well.

Rhinocort Aqua vs Benadryl may be compared to see which one is more effective as they are both used in controlling seasonal or any other type of allergies. By checking out the comparison below you may get some idea as to which medication to choose over the other.

Benadryl or Rhinocort Aqua – Which drug is more effective for controlling allergies?

Benadryl is considered by many doctors and patients as an all-round drug that serves multiple purposes. The only problem with this drug is that it causes drowsiness and sedative effects. The severity of sleepiness varies from one person to another and also according to the dosage taken. For some conditions like short term anxiety, the drug’s effects of effectively inducing sleep without having to resort to more powerful drugs like benzodiazepines is very useful. Those who simply require relief from their allergies without sleeping off the effects of the medicine would do well by not taking the former.

Rhinocort Aqua, on the other hand, is a more targeted drug that prevents the allergy triggers from causing any inflammation. The nasal spray does not produce sleepiness as a side effect but fights down the symptoms of the allergic reaction. This is very useful for persons who do not have the dedicated sleep time but just want relief from the allergic reaction and triggers.

Choosing between Benadryl and Rhinocort Aqua

The choice between the two medications comes down to whether you want to fall asleep after taking the drug or not. It would also depend on which drug is more effective for your condition. Some may feel that the later’s nasal spray works better for them as it directly targets the inflammation of the nasal passage. The sleepiness effects of Benadryl can make you rely on this medication even when you do not have any allergies but just some mild trouble falling asleep. If you have doubts as to which medication to choose then just consult with your healthcare provider and get the drug that is suitable for your ailment. Understand the potential benefits with either drug and then choose Rhinocort Aqua over Benadryl or vice versa for effective allergy relief.