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Revia is a drug recommended for treating narcotic addiction and alcoholism. It is a part of addiction program. It is basically a narcotic blocker. It blocks the effects of narcotics and other drugs on the human brain. Thus, people would not feel the pleasure of consuming the drug.

Buy Revia online

Since Revia is not a controlled drug, it is possible to buy Revia online just by showcasing a valid prescription. However, you should use Revia with caution. A lot of drugs like cough medicine, pain relievers and others interact with Revia and cause serious problems, including death or coma. The medication is recommended for use in all body types. People with medical ailments in kidney, heart, liver and severe allergic reaction to certain food items should get approval from doctor, before using it.

Revia without prescription

Though Revia is not to be sold over-the-counter drug, there are quite a few online pharmacies that sells Revia without prescription. However, never get to use this privilege and go about in procuring this drug. It is extremely critical to ascertain the dosage strength before before buying the medication without prescription. If a person consumes narcotic drugs after using Revia, it can cause serious side effects. Even if you do not have any medical condition, it is advisable to use Revia, only after consulting the doctor.

You have to take regular lab tests to check functioning of your liver and other organs, while consuming Revia. This drug should not be brought without prescription for children less than 18 years, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Buy generic Revia cheap

Generic name of Revia is Naltrexone. You can buy Naltrexone, instead of Revia. Both the formulations exhibit the same efficiency. Thus, you cannot consume Naltrexone along with Revia. If you are allergic to Revia, you would be allergic to Naltrexone too.

This drug is safe and effective only when taken as per directions. Do not share thedrugs with others.