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Psychological problems and EDErectile dysfunction is just a common condition these days. The cause for this could be many. One of which is the psychological problems which can lead to cause erectile dysfunction issues. Mostly, it is often a secondary reaction to an underlying physical problem. In certain cases, the psychological effects could be as a result of sexual abuse or childhood trauma. In addition to this, there are also various other reasons to be held behind as the common causes for psychological erectile dysfunction and the same will be discussed in this blog. There are numerous medications available that can address the psychological problems that in turn lead to ED. The most effective among those meds are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Your doctor might either prescribe you these drugs or any similar products that is suitable for your body condition.

Various psychological problems for ED


Stress is a crucial player in deteriorating the health condition. Stress can be due to any reason and it can be anything like money related, job-related, family-related, personal dissatisfaction among the many major issues.


When a man experiences the problem of erectile dysfunction at some point in his life, he might start inculcating the fear that this could happen again and at any time. This is a kind of sexual failure that men observe. This type of anxiety can lead to what is called as performance anxiety which can lead to ED.

Low self-esteem

This quality can be due the insecurity of a person. Prior episodes of ED, therefore a feeling of inadequacy or can also be due to various other issues that are unrelated to sexual performance.


Guilt is a psychological problem that is associated to ED. A man might feel guilty that he is not able to satisfy his partner as a result of poor erection.


Indifferences arise due to aging or subsequent loss of sexual interest. It could also be due to the result of taking excessive medications or can even stem from problems that happen in the relationship of the couple.


Depression is known to be a common cause of erectile dysfunction and can affect a person both physically and psychologically. Depression can arise though a man is completely stable and is comfortable in sexual activities. Sometimes, drugs that are used to treat ED can also result in depression.

Lifestyle and erectile dysfunction

Like too much of stress and overwork, lifestyle is also a major factor that appears in the form of psychological problems which can cause ED. Sexual function is generally influenced by the overall wellbeing of a person. ED can possibly be a sign that a person is not paying enough attention to his lifestyle or new habits.

Drinking excessive alcohol

Another reason that can contribute to ED is the consumption of too much of alcohol.

Men usually experience erectile dysfunction problems at some point in their life. They need not panic or feel awful about their condition. It is absolutely normal and there are plenty of treatment options available out there that can address the root cause of ED. Change in lifestyle, an intake food, and doctor prescribed medicines would definitely help solve ED issues. In addition, inculcating positive thoughts and also not bothering about the issue too much will also avert anxiety, depression and other psychological problems.