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Prozac is anti-depressant drug consisting the major component is fluoxetine. As an anti-depressant, Prozac is used by most pharmacists and doctors to treat conditions such as panic disorder, major depression, anxiety attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The drug typically affects specific chemicals that occur naturally in every human brain. Prozac is widely distributed either in liquid form or white colored pellets. The drug should be secured in a place free from moisture and heat.

Prozac online pharmacy

There are a lot of online pharmacies which sell Prozac. Most of the sites request you to upload a copy of your prescription. There are a lot of gimmick sites too. When purchased from those sites, you may end up getting a low quality medicine or no medicine at all. To avoid any such problems, it is better to choose a site with high reputation and good reviews. Word of mouth is the best way to choose the right site.

Though it is preferred to use the drug after approval from your doctor, you can also buy it, without prescription. If you are planning to use a foreign online pharmacy for the same purpose, read through the terms and conditions, before placing an order.

Prozac side effects

Similar to any other anti-depressant drug, Prozac has some side effects such as:

How to get Prozac online?

It is important to buy it in dose as prescribed by the doctor. You cannot decide your drug limit. You can switch brands, if needed. No matter which brand you are planning to use, you can always find it in online pharmacies. Brick and mortar pharmacies may have a bias and may make you buy drugs which give them a higher profit margin. With online pharmacies, you can make a clear and informed decision.