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provigil vs nuvigilDo you experience the problem of sleeping disorder very frequently? Are you finding it tough to stay awake when you are expected to be alert in your task assigned or may be at your institution?Sleep disorders can let loose other discreetly associated problems too and can through a spanner in the normal life of people. The issue has to be addressed immediately as on failing to solve at the earliest can make the situation much complicated. Pills and treatments are aplenty to nip the issue in the bud and lead a peaceful life. Of all the existing medications two are highly recommended as the best solutions to overcome the problems associated with sleep. They are Provigil and Nuvigil.

To assess which of the two is the better than the other and the one that can resolve the problem quickly,the following questions along with the answers have been provided below.

Which one of the two medications assists in keeping you awake?

Both the drugs are considered excellent for the reason they are efficient enough in increasing the dopamine signaling. This can be interpreted as that it alters the body to become reactive to dopamine enabling you to be instilled with the feeling of being awake.

The common trait between these two medications is that they do not enhance the exact levels of dopamine present in the body. They create an effect of the stimulant by holding control over how a variant type of neurotransmitter (GABA) works. The positive aspect of both is that they augment the alertness quotient in the person.

Is it possible to get Provigil and Nuvigil in generic form?

It is easy to purchase Provigil in its generic form without any hassles. The generic equivalent of it is called as Modafinil. Many brick and mortar stores and also online pharmacies sell the medication. It is important to identify a genuine pharmacy before proceeding to buying the pill. The other medication that is Nuvigil does not have a generic version and so it is not manufactured. So what are the consequences for you? This simply makes one understand that procuring Provigil is very cheap and it’s possible to easily identify the companies providing insurance coverage which would provide more reference to this medication in comparison with Nuvigil because of the savings in price.

How does Provigil assist you?

The drug enables an individual to act with an improved sense of wakefulness throughout the day. People taking this medication can exhibit more efficiency in their work and possess a high degree of alertness whenever it is required.

How does Nuvigil vary?

Nuvigil differs from Provigil in terms of a different chemical composition and it should not be misinterpreted as the drug is not effective as Provigil. Nuvigil holds a better half lifeand is usually taken once in a day with the dosage strength of 150 mg. The medication is also popular in treating fatigue related with menopause.

Provigil and Nuvigil are alike in parameters of how they can function, but the pricing of the medication is the varying factor and it determines which medication one should buy. Nuvigil is a bit pricey, but this needs to be checked against the factor that it needs to be taken just once in 24 hours as against twice a day a person has to take Provigil. In a futuristic perspective, Nuvigil scores a tad better than Provigil,but Provigil is very popular among people and they might finalize this over the other.