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provigil for depressionSome researches happened in recent times had proved that taking Provigil can help a person in treating depression. In this trial, 12 individuals were involved out of which 9 people were benefitted by taking this drug.

Knowing about Provigil in detail would help you to understand the link in detail.

How provigil works on depression?

When Provigil is taken, it would increase the cognitive skills in a person. People with depression would experience a slowdown in the brain activity. So when Provigil is taken, they would be able to improve their performance at work. This would provide them with confidence.

Another issue that a person faces is fatigue. They would lack energy hence they do not have any motivation in their life. When the drug is provided to these patients, it would increase the CNS stimulation. This would in turn raise the level of energy in the people with depression.

These patients even performed at higher levels as their brains work at peak compared to other people.

During the research, it covered different types of depression like major depressive disorder and bipolar depression. When the pill is taken, it just increased the symptoms of these mental illnesses.

We know that this medication has dopamine reuptake inhibition. Here, in Provigil, the concentration of dopamine might not only rise but would also help you to fight the issue. This is really a good fact that this makes the drug to be less addictive.

This problem also occurs in the person due to their weight. When Provigil is taken it would increase the metabolism rate hence there is chance in the reduction of the overall weight of the person. The positive side is that, the drug provides high energy which can be utilized by these patients to do work out.

A few minute workouts daily would help a person to lift his or her mood and improve their well-being.

Can you take Provigil to treat depression?

There are many medications in the market that are solely dedicated to treat this issue, however, they all possess many negative qualities. You can take the pill, if your doctor advices you to take it. This pill is beneficial in treating people who are suffering from seasonal, atypical depression and any other kind of this condition that is treatment resistant.

What are the advantages in taking provigil medication?

This drug has undergone so many years of research, so the healthcare professional would have a clear knowledge about the medication. There is no evidence of major side effects. When the pills are taken, it would improve the brain function. You would not be addicted to this medication very soon. It will provide quick effectiveness on the condition unlike the anti-depressants which takes so long to provide results in a person. Productivity is improved in case of taking Provigil.


It is not only a cognitive enhancer but would also help a person to fight depression. But, if you are planning to take the pill then it is not suggestable now. This is because, further more research is required to analyze completely about the effectiveness of this medication on depression. Only then it will be safe to be taken by the patients. However, if your doctor suggests it then you can definitely go about taking Provigil pills to treat the issue.