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Provigil FAQAs a wakefulness promoting drug under the prescription category of medicines, people tend to have many queries with regards to the purchase and intake of Provigil. The drug has been approved by FDA many years ago and questions still persist on getting the drug from different quarters. The following are the frequently asked questions with respect to procurement of Provigil and the respective solutions offered for each query attempts to clear the hassles imagined in buying it.

  1. Is Prescription necessary to buy Provigil in Canada?

Though Provigil has been classified as a prescription drug in many countries and it being tough to procure one without it,in Canada, the law does not prohibit the possession of the drug without the prescription. But still, the medication falls under Schedule F and there are restrictions on how it can be bought. There have been many instances where people actually get Provigil with and without prescription. The drug is sold under the name Alertec in Canada and it is not very different from Provigil in terms of the composition. It is permitted to import controlled quantity of the medication from other countries with a prescription. Online pharmacies with an esteem of their own scrupulously abide by the rules of the country in which they are located and also those of the Canadian government.

  1. What is the price of Provigil 100 mg online?

Provigil tablets with a dosage level of 100 mg are sold online in the range of $2 per pill when bought in a package of 30 tablets. The rates are bound to decrease further when the quantity of the pills purchased is increased. For example, Provigil pills of 100 mg dosage can be bought online at close to $1.40 per pill when the quantity purchased is as high as a 90 pill package. When repeat orders are placed with the online pharmacies you can avail the discounts offered by them. These Provigil discounts can be mostly in the form of bonus fills offered to the customer. Certain online drug stores flood you with bonus pills when you refer your friend to purchase from them.

  1. Modafinil or Provigil? Which version is cheaper?

Modafinil is the generic version of Provigil and is substantively priced lower in comparison. Provigil is quite expensive for many and that is the reason for them to fall back on purchasing Modafinil. Few people are smart enough to buy 200 mg dosage of Provigil and break that into two for intake.  The price of Modafinil can drastically vary between one pharmacy to the other, sometimes in the range exceeding $100, so customers need to analyze prices online before purchasing the drug.

  1. Is Provigil cheaper online?

When compared with the brick and mortar stores, you can buy Provigil online at a cheaper rate. A lot also depends on the quantity of the pill you are planning to get and also the online pharmacy you have zeroed in on to place the order. The websites also do offer coupons for purchase of pills and this can be utilized whenever required. When a customer frequently patronizes an online drugstore the buying price is also reduced.

  1. From whom can I get Provigil prescribed online?

People in need of Provigil but not having a prescription can explore the value added option of getting it online from the doctors. The medical records needs to be uploaded online and the physicians after analyzing it in detail and based on the necessity would issue a prescription. The prescription can be utilized without any hassles to purchase drugs online.