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Proscar is a drug which helps in avoiding conversion of testosterone to DHT. This is used for treating BPH in men with enlarged prostate. It is also used for other medical conditions too.

Proscar online pharmacy

There are a lot of Proscar online pharmacies online. Anyone can buy Proscar with and without prescription from these online pharmacies. This is increasing mishandling of drugs in recent times. This medicine is strictly not for women and children. Pregnant women should not consume this as it would cause serious birth defects. Even accidental contact with the drug like ingesting small amount of crushed tablet can cause birth defects. Before using Proscar, tests should be performed to find whether patient has any symptoms for prostate cancer. Using Proscar also can cause male breast cancer. Breast limps, nipple discharge and other changes in breast are the symptoms.

Proscar without prescription

It is clearly understood that Proscar is a serious drug and should not be mishandled. Though there are a lot of sites where you can buy Proscar without prescription, doctor’s consent is a must in many conditions. People with medical conditions related to liver, bladder, urethra and people with prostate cancer should not use this drug, without doctor’s approval.

Authorized portal to easily get Proscar online

There are a lot of authorized portals where you can buy Proscar from reputed companies. No matter which site you choose or which brand you pick, side effects are common. The most common side effects are loss of interest in sex, swelling in limbs, tenderness in breasts, weakness, headache, rash, runny nose and dizziness.

Rare and serious side effects include discharge from nipple, unusual change in weight, lumps in breast, scaling in nipple and others. If you experience any serious side effects, stop the drug and talk to your doctor immediately. Dosage information would be provided in portals. However, it is better to stick with dosage recommended by your doctor.