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propecia on DHT levelsThe question revolves in the current scenario is that are there any effects of propecia on DHT levels in men with generic hair loss. The answer to this can be found below. The drug is the only FDA-approved oral drug for hair loss, is used by millions of men worldwide. The drug is highly effective in the treatment of hair and is indicated for use only in men.

The problem is seen both young and old these days due to various health conditions. Some of these include living a very excessive lifestyle of smoking and drinking too much, certain diseases, and even hormonal factors. Baldness can also be due to genetics.

Some persons may be genetically predisposed to this issue and they may experience thinning hair lines right from their twenties and thirties. These types of heredity baldness are possible to treat with Propecia if you start the treatment early without waiting to go completely bald. Keep reading to learn about the effects of Propecia on men with genetic hair loss.

What exactly is genetic hair loss?

Genetic hair loss in men is also known as male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. This is one of the most common causes of the problem. Those with this condition are naturally disposed to facing the issue as they are genetically predisposed to it. This genetic problem is progressive in nature and hair begins to recede in a certain pattern. This condition occurs or begins when there are high levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the system. Elevated DHT occurs due to an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. When there is high DHT in the system, the hair follicles weaken and start to fall. Moreover, those with genetic disorder also have genetic weaker follicles that are revealed through the pattern.

How does Propecia help with genetic hair loss?

It is the ideal drug to treat genetic hair loss in men due to the way it works. Taking a daily dose of Propecia can help suppress the excess DHT levels and bring them down. Finasteride is classified as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, which is the enzyme that promotes the conversion of testosterone to DHT. By inhibiting this action, it actively helps in protecting the existing hair follicles and also in the growth of new hair follicles in place of the lost ones. Seek the help of a healthcare professional and commence the drug course for male pattern baldness as soon as you notice a receding hair line along the scalp.

Taking Propecia right to get the most effectiveness

The medicine should be purchased and taken in the right manner in order to feel its effectiveness. This means you have to take the prescribed 1mg or 5mg dosage at the same time every day for continued suppression of DHT levels. Also, avoid skipping doses or discontinuing Propecia as doing so can reverse the benefits of taking this medication. Genetic hair loss is manageable and you do not have to despair about it. Buy Propecia online in bulk for additional benefits like availing the drug at a highly discounted rate and receiving the pills directly to your doorstep.