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propecia 1mg vs propecia 5mgThe medicine is available in two different dosage strengths namely 1mg and 5mg. When you think about regrowing hair then Propecia would be the option that comes to your mind. Since there are two dosage strengths available for this medication it would be really confusing on which one to choose.

Comparing Propecia dosages

The 1mg is that which is appropriate for regrowing hair in the scalp. When a man takes 5mg dosage for the same purpose he experienced certain ill effects in him. This dosage strength is good when it is taken to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.

There are people who take the medication with higher dosage strength to regrow hair believing that it promotes hair growth faster but it is actually not true. Just because you are taking 5mg, it will definitely not speed up the process.

Can you take the higher dosage strength if Propecia 1mg is not beneficial?

No, you are not supposed to take Propecia 5mg just because the lower dosage strength is not effective on you. A doctor would instruct you to take only the medication with the dose of 1mg.

It takes a minimum of three months to find any improvement on the scalp. So you have to wait for this period of time to know whether this medication is suitable for you or not.

Once you have taken the pills correctly for this period but find no hair growth then you have to stop consuming the medication as it is very clear that it is not appropriate for your body.

Is there any chance that your hair starts to grow with Propecia 5mg pills?

There is no slightest chance that your hair would start to grow with the highest dosage strength. As we mentioned earlier there is a high risk that a person would get affected by various ill effects in the body.

From this we can understand that, only Propecia 1mg would be the ideal dose for a man who suffers from male pattern baldness.

How Propecia 1mg works in a man?

The reason why men get bald is that the male sex hormones testosterone get converted into dihydrotestosterone. So, the hair starts to fall slowly and later leading to baldness.

When Propecia 1mg is taken, it would prevent the conversion of this sex hormone, hence the hair not only stop falling but it would also start to regrow from the follicles.

Once the person gets male pattern baldness, the hair follicles would become very thin. So it is better to commence the treatment soon as once you become completely bald it is not possible to regrow hair.

This is how the drug works for every man. However, if you wish the hair to stay in your scalp you have to continuously take the pills. When stopped within a period of three months you will lose the hair that you have regrown within the span of one year with the help of this pill.