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Product description

Priligy is the brand name of the drug Dapoxetine, which is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) used in the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE). This is a condition that affects many men and it is treatable. The drug is indicated for use in men who ejaculate in less than two minutes after penetration during sex. Priligy helps men to extend the time between the erection and ejaculation, thereby also enabling greater pleasure during sex. No matter what the cause for PE may be this medication will definitely help in overcoming the problem of PE. The drug is absorbed easily making it fast-acting and therefore ideal for many individuals.

Working Mechanism

The exact mechanism of Priligy (Dapoxetine) in delaying ejaculation is as yet unclear. It is believed that the drug works by modifying the chemicals in the brain that help with ejaculation. The drug has a very short biological half-life of about 1.5 hours. By taking the medication about an hour before sex, the individual would be able to properly control the ejaculation during sex and delay it. The drug is very effective in almost all men who take it. However, one should not confuse this medication as a treatment for erectile dysfunction or cure for PE as it is effective for this condition only when it is consumed around the time of sexual activity.

Dosage and administration

Priligy comes in dosage strengths of 60mg and 30mg. It should be taken 60 minutes before sex. It can be used by men of 18 to 64 years. It can be taken with any liquid other than alcohol. Usually, people start with 30 mg dose of priligy for 4 weeks to understand whether the dose is right for them. Dose can be increased to 60mg, if required. Only one tablet should be consumed for every 24 hours. It is not a daily dose drug and thus, missing a dose would not affect effectiveness.

Things you should know about Priligy

It is not considered safe to use Priligy along with ED pills like Viagra. The drug is not indicated for use in persons who are allergic to dapoxetine or any of the ingredients contained in the tablet. Persons with any heart condition, a history of heart disease, or have moderate to severe hepatic impairment should refrain from taking Priligy. Like many erectile dysfunction pills, priligy is also not recommended in individuals who have taken a MAO inhibitor in the last fourteen days or are currently taking drugs that are antidepressants, herbal products, SSRIs, etc. as there can be harmful drug interactions. Safety of drug use may be confirmed by disclosing any medications being taken with the healthcare provider.

Side effects

Adverse reactions and side effects are likely to occur with Priligy use for PE. If the symptoms are severe or persistent then seek emergency medical assistance immediately, without any hesitation or leaving the problem unattended. Some of the side effects to watch out for are:

Overdose Symptoms and Treatment

The drug overdose can occur when it is taken along with similar medication. Overdose symptoms that may occur are nausea, vomiting, anxiety, nervousness, trouble in the digestive tract, tremors, and dizziness. In case of suspected overdose on Priligy, get emergency medical assistance. The symptoms of the overdose are treated accordingly. Other treatment options may be considered if the overdose occurs from a drug interaction. Inform the healthcare professional of any drugs taken for receiving the suitable treatment.

How the tablets are supplied?

Priligy (Dapoxetine) is available as film coated tablets that come in blister packs. Each pack contains a leaflet with the dosage instructions which can help in taking the medication in the right manner. PE patients should get the drug prescribed before taking it. The medication is to be consumed only by those suffering from premature ejaculation.

Storing conditions

There are no specific storage conditions for this PE medication. Keep the package contents within the blister pack and take only when you require it. Since Priligy is indicated for use only in men diagnosed with PE, ensure that the pills are stored in a locked cabinet that is out of reach of children.