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precautions to take care of while taking xanax for anxiety reliefCertain serious clinical conditions and physical dependence are common while taking Xanax. It is important to learn about those adverse effects and precautions to reduce the risk of various side effects and other problems.

Precautions related to dose

  1. The drug should not be taken without doctor’s approval. Xanax is not for everyone.
  2. The dose should not be increased, stopped or decreased as per individual’s wish. Since it causes withdrawal symptoms, the dose has to be decreased slowly, before stopping it completely.
  3. The tablet should not be crushed, dissolved, broken or chewed, before swallowing.

Precaution related to pregnancy

Xanax should not be consumed, during pregnancy. Any woman consuming the drug should use both hormonal and non-hormonal birth control methods, to avoid pregnancy.

Precautions related to breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers should not consume Xanax. In rare cases, when the risk of avoiding the drug is high, doctors prescribe it to mothers. In such a case, the nursing mother should be cautious of symptoms like sedation, the inability of the baby to suck milk and should keep a tab on the milk secretion level. If not adequate, use any milk substitute.

Precaution related to safety

  1. Keep the drug away from children, especially teenagers. The drug can be addictive and cause serious problems.
  2. In the case of having a history of drug abuse, it is better to give the control to another person in the house.
  3. Keep a track on the quantity of medicine.
  4. Keep the pills away from moisture and heat. If the tablet becomes wet by any means, discard it.
  5. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the effect of the drug
  6. Before having a surgery, inform the doctor about consuming Xanax. This includes small dental surgeries too.

Precautions before starting its use

Before starting the course of therapy with Xanax, talk to doctor it at all you are affected by the following medical conditions.

  1. Liver problems
  2. Kidney disorder
  3. Brain related problems including seizure
  4. History of drug or substance abuse
  5. Lung and breathing related problems
  6. Glaucoma

Talk to the doctor about all drugs that are currently been taken on a daily basis. Important drugs to mention are;

  1. Antifungal drugs
  2. Anti-histamine drugs
  3. HIV drugs
  4. Antidepressants
  5. Antibiotics
  6. Seizure medication
  7. John’s wort
  8. Insomnia or sleep medication
  9. Psychiatric medication
  10. Painkillers

Smoking can reduce the efficiency of Xanax. People who are addicted to smoke should clearly mention it to the doctor.

On-going precautions

While consuming Xanax for a long time, liver test and kidney test should be performed on a periodical basis. Any side effect that causes disturbance to the lifestyle should be reported immediately to the doctor.

Precautions related to food

Using alcohol along with Xanax can cause unwanted side effects like severe drowsiness, difficulty in concentration and also affects the decision-making capability. Using grapefruit related products would induce the same effect of alcohol.

Precaution related to weight

It is important to maintain the body weight whilst taking Xanax. Any tremendous increase or decrease in weight should be indicated to the doctor. The drug tends to stay longer in the system for obese people due to the fat distribution. For obese people, the time gap between two doses should be high. The doctor will determine the right dose depending on the weight of the patient.

These are not the exclusive list of precautions to be followed while using Xanax. Follow all instructions and directions given by the doctor. Though it can be purchased from a lot of Canadian online pharmacy portals, it should not be missed at any cost. There are a lot of anti-anxiety medications in the market. Do not switch from one drug to another.