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Product Description

Pilex is an herbal medicinal product manufactured by The Himalaya Drug Company. It inculcates ayurvedic principles and hence is very effective for anyone who uses it. It is dispensed in two different variants which is a tablets and ointment. The tablet and ointment contain slightly different ingredients hence they are used for different purposes.


Pilex medicine is used to reduce the size of hemorrhoids, and decrease any anal pain or discomfort. It is also useful to reduce the appearance of varicose veins that predominantly occur in the leg region.

When the tablet is ingested, it helps to control the venous congestion, a disruption in the blood flow one of the reasons for which can be varicose veins.

The anti-infective properties of Pilex pills help promote healing and clear infections. The ointment version can be used to reduce any swelling or bleeding pertaining to hemorrhoids.

Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the pile mass, reduces the inflammation of the mucus membrane and as a result hastens the healing process.

It aids easy fecal excretion by eliminating the pain. This product is only available in branded version and hence one cannot avail generic pilex.

How to take?

Pilex dosage depends on the type of the medicine an individual is taking. For adults who are in normal health condition, 2 tablets can be consumed twice a day.

For children 1 tablet can be consumed twice a day. The dosage can go up to a maximum of 3 times a day. For individualized dosage it is important to check with a doctor. It is best to take the tablet with food.

The cream form of Pilex medicine can be applied around the anus or as it is indicated by the doctor. If you forget to take any specific dose you can take it when you remember provided that there is a substantial gap for your next interval.

Side effects

Clinical studies and research suggests that there are no side effects arising from the use of Pilex pill. Both the tablet and ointment versions can be used without the fear of experiencing any side effects.

Moreover, the user reviews also suggest that Pilex medicine do not result in any undesirable side effects. But in case you notice any side effects or unusual symptoms consult your doctor and explain him your condition.

Interactions with other drugs

As far as the reports are concerned there are no negative drug interactions resulting from pilex and other medications. But it might give unwanted results by interacting with certain medical conditions. So just be extra cautious by informing your doctor if you have been allergic to pilex in the past or if you have a history of digestive or intestinal problems.

Conceived women or women who are preparing to conceive in future must also inform their doctor about their condition. Also any issues related to stomach or bowels must also be reported.