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Orlistat is a weight loss pill that is characterized as a fat blocker. It prevents your body from absorbing any fat that you consume. This drug should be consumed while taking a low calorie diet. This drug is used for treating obesity in adults. It is a part of weight loss program. Diet and exercise are essential for any considerable weight loss.

Orlistat without prescription

Orlistat is available without prescription in many online sites. It is better to not choose foreign online pharmacies while buying Orlistat without prescription. Certain brands are said to contain dangerous ingredients which induce serious and fatal side effects. Thus, stick to online sites operating from the USA as they are bound by FDA regulations. Else the other option would be to go with brick and mortar pharmacies.

Orlistat online pharmacy

Do not blindly buy the drug from any online pharmacy. Read through the description of the drug and learn about side effects, overdose symptoms, drug interaction, directions for using and others. Common dose limit will be 120 mg per meal. This is generic dose limit. If your doctor advised you to take a different dose level, stick to your prescription. Common drug interactions include other diet pills, diabetes medicine including insulin, vitamin supplement, and seizure drugs. You may have to take certain vitamin supplements as fat soluble vitamins will also be blocked from absorption.

Buy Orlistat generic cheap

The generic name of the drug is Orlistat. The common brand names of the drug are Xenical and Alli. A high quality generic drug will have same effects, efficiency and problems as a brand drug. No matter whether you choose generic or brand medicine, side effects are common. The common side effects are body pain, difficulty in breathing, loss of voice, nausea, runny nose, ear congestion, cough, diarrhea and others. Rare side effects are joint pain, noisy breathing, rash, irritation, ear ache, dark urine, fast heart beat, swelling in joints and hives. If you have any serious side effects, stop the drug and talk to your doctor immediately.