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Online Pharmacy

online pharmacy

What is an Online Pharmacy?

Online pharmacy is an internet platform through which customers can buy both prescription and over the counter medications. The ordered medications would be delivered to the destination through various mail or shipping carriers. They also hold different names like mail order pharmacy, internet based pharmacy and online drugstore.

How does it differ from your local pharmacy?

Online pharmacy is not physically present like a medical store. It is not possible to drive in and purchase the drugs; instead a person can stay at home as well as buy medications online with just few clicks. Unlike a drugstore, a mail order pharmacy would work 24*7 for 365 days in a year which increases the convenience of the person.

Do not worry about the impatient pharmacists those who do not spare time to answer your questions. In an online drugstore, a customer care team would be available to help you to sort out your doubts via chat or phone. If you are very much eager to know more details about the medication then reading the blogs in the site would provide you with more information.

Even with regards to price of the drug, there would be very much variation. Thanks to the low overhead cost that an internet based medical store has to bear, this reflects on the price.

Why should you buy your prescription or OTC drugs from an online pharmacy?

Only an online drugstore would provide you a rare combo of getting quality pills at a cheaper rate. Customers are offered with wide range of brand and generic medications under a single roof which is no way possible in an offline store. Name a drug of your choice, we bet that it will be available in a mail order pharmacy.

For those people who do not have insurance or that do not cover the cost of your prescription medication, an internet based pharmacy is a boon. There is no scarcity on the offers or discounts in a site so you should definitely take this as your advantage and get the required medication.

Coupons or rebates, whatever you have can fetch higher discounts online than you get from any other place. Planning to get a prescription to buy prescription drugs online but don’t have a medical script for it? Fret not, use an online store that also provides an online doctor consultation option. Save on your consultation fee too as you would either pay very less or not be charged at all.

How to differentiate between genuine online pharmacies from online scams?

Differentiating between a genuine and counterfeit site is never going to be tough after you read this. Check for these red flags before doing a business with them. Search for the VIPPS symbol at the bottom of the site if it claims that it belongs to the United States. This is nothing but a license that is provided only to the legitimate pharmacies online that had proved to have followed all the rules and regulations in the country.

Look at the price and compare with other websites. The price would of course be very cheap as we mentioned earlier but if it is too low to believe then just go with your inner voice and avoid that website.

Go for the online drugstores that also have a physical store. When it is available physically then the legitimacy of their business also increases. Do not get carried away by just looking at the site and always remember that looks are often deceptive. Even the counterfeit online stores pretend as if they are genuine and make sure that they imitate the legitimate one. It is definite that newbies get confused at the initial stage so get advice from an expert.

What is the difference between other web pharmacies and Canadian online pharmacy?

Internet pharmacy vs online Canadian pharmacyOnline Canadian pharmacy operates out of Canada and would abide by all the drug laws of that country. Web based medical stores are nothing but the general name given to the online drugstores and they may belong to the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, India and so on.

The main difference comes in the choice of the customers; they do prefer Canadian pharmacies online over other web pharmacies. The drug rate of Canadian sites would be very affordable for the people who reside anywhere in the globe as they have price control laws.

Customers can be assured that they get only authentic prescription or over the counter medications as both the pharmacy and the drug manufacturing company from which they source the medications from are keenly monitored by the Canada drug authorities. Customer satisfaction is what matters to the Canadian mail order pharmacies, so even if you ask for the medication that is not in their list at that moment they make sure that the authentic pills reach your place.