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Online Pharmacy regulationsThere are different pharmaceutical laws and measures in the online pharmacies of different countries. It may happen that the online pharmacies which are located outside the country’s boundary can provide exciting discounts and deals than those pharmacies which are situated within the country’s boundaries. Such deals may tempt you easily because of their lower cost price and you may tend to order it but the laws applied of that particular country can prevent you from doing so. This is a common case as different countries have different pharmaceutical laws, which are not known to us. Let us know about the laws of some of the countries.

  • US

The United States has some strong policies regarding their medicines and treatments. You can easily order medications from the online pharmacies of United States but it has imposed strict restriction on the issue of online prescription. You can only get prescription online if you are a resident in United States but if you are from some other country then you cannot request for such a prescription. Medicines can be delivered at your address along with an extra delivery charge, depending on the location if ordered.

  • Canada

The Canadian online pharmacy is one of the most popular in the world. The rules and regulations of these drug stores is much alike the medications store of United States but unlike them, you can request for an online prescription here. Canada pharmacy allows only some limited countries and carries out economic relationships with them. There are various verification steps involved for the complete satisfaction of company authorities.

  • Australia

The government of Australia carries out their overseas purchases with the help of Therapeutic Goods Administration. This administration has been framed to take care of online imports and purchases so that no illegal processes are involved. As the laws of government of Australia are similar to those of European Union, the measures involved are strict and there is hardly any chance of carrying out any illegal action.

  • India

The policies and laws framed by the government of India are flexible. According to this, one personally cannot place an order of the medication but need a particular online pharmacy who has tie ups with the pharmaceutical companies of India. According to the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization, India will only deliver medications and can issue online prescriptions to the international pharmacies which have a legal license from the Food and Drug Administration. This organization keeps a check whether the medications imported or exported, are safe enough for the intake.

  • New Zealand

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States controls the overseas relationships of the online pharmacies of New Zealand. The drug store of New Zealand have very strict measures and do not approve all the medicines to all the countries. They have a special verification process for their overseas clients to monitor any kind of illegal activities.