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nuvigil vs lunestaSleeping disorders have always affected people one time or another. For some, it would have been on a rare basis whilst for others, sleeping problems would catch hold of them every now and then. Some people do not get sleep and often wonder why they are not able to sleep. Some people due to sleeplessness feel drowsy in the day time. Now there are two different conditions that have to be addressed. One condition is of no sleep or irregular sleep pattern called as insomnia while the other is daytime sleepiness known as narcolepsy. Both of these disorders are bothersome and have to be paid attention to immediately. These conditions require separate medications. Nuvigil and Lunesta are the two distinctive drugs that can treat narcolepsy and insomnia respectively in a very efficient manner. This blog portrays of the unique characteristics of each of the meds and how they work to treat your sleeping problem altogether.


Nuvigil is a brand component and comprises of the active ingredient called as armodafinil which is also its generic variation. This med is a new product and was designed exclusively for the treatment of sleep apnea, narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder shortly called as SWSD. It promotes wakefulness and alertness in drowsy people and makes them concentrate better. It paves way for greater memory, attention, concentration, alertness, memory and much more. This drug has an impact on the dopamine levels, orexins and also histamine levels.


Lunesta is again a brand medication consisting of the active component eszopiclone which is also its generic formulation. This medicine is a sedative also known as a hypnotic. The drug is known to work by affecting the chemicals in the brain that might be unbalanced in people with deprived sleep conditions or sleep problems i.e. insomnia.

Effectiveness of Nuvigil against Lunesta

When you are suffering from a condition that makes you stay awake during the night, then it is clearly obvious that you are suffering from a sleeping disorder. This disorder if you encounter on a regular basis, you call it insomnia. Dealing with insomnia is quite hard and makes you feel irritated. It is extremely important that you get your condition treated at the earliest by paying attention to the deprived sleep conditions. Lunesta is known to induce sleep in people as quick as possible and make them have a peaceful night’s sleep without any distress. The drug has the potential to quickly make a person fall asleep and treat insomnia in an efficient manner.

Daytime sleepiness is another factor that erodes away most of the productivity of an individual. Nuvigil is being prescribed by major doctors today on a global scale to treat narcolepsy, a condition where people tend to feel sleepy or drowsy in the day time. Lunesta is known to promote high levels of concentration in sleep apnea patients in a short time upon its consumption. The med has claimed high recognition in recent times and has helped many individuals gain ability to focus. Further, both Nuvigil and Lunesta are equally effective towards their respective treatment cases.