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What is Norvir?

It is the brand formulation of Ritonavir and belongs to a class of drugs called as protease inhibitors. It is an antiviral medicine which is used to treat patients who suffer from HIV or AIDS. This medication prevents HIV from multiplying in the body and helps the immune system to work better. Those patients who want to purchase this drug can get prescribed Norvir online in an easy and convenient way.

What is Norvir used for?

Ritonavir is used with other medications to control HIV infections in a patient. It lowers the chance of being affected of medical complications like cancer or any new infections. Protease inhibitors help this antiviral medication to work effectively. Blood as well as the function of liver should be tested on a regular basis. Those who on search of where to buy this drug can order through Norvir online pharmacy and experience the therapeutic effect of the pill.

How to take Norvir?

Norvir should be taken orally with food. It is usually taken one or two times a day. It is very essential to consult the healthcare provider before taking this drug. This pill is available in two different variations such as capsules and liquid. Do not crush, chew or break the capsules and swallow as a whole. Measure the syrup using a dose measuring spoon to avoid over dose while taking the medication in a liquid form. Liquid Norvir can be mixed with milk or any nutrition drink and can be consumed. Take this drug regularly to get maximum benefit. Since the dosage strength for children is based on weight as well as height, tell the doctor if there are any changes in them. Pills should be stored at room temperature away from heat and moisture.

Side effects of Norvir

Just like other drugs, side effects may be triggered while taking Ritonavir. Light headed feeling, irregular heartbeat, unusual bleeding, easy bruising, pancreas problems, kidney diseases, high blood sugar, drowsiness, vision defects, dry mouth, weight loss, hunger, skin rash and loss of appetite are a few among them. It is very important to seek medical assistance regarding side effects as soon as possible. It is very important to know whether this drug is appropriate for the patient and can buy Norvir online.

Interactions with other drugs

Certain medications that cause interaction with this drug can be avoided during the course of therapy. Anti-biotic, anti-fungal, antidepressant, cancer medicine, cholesterol lowering medicine, heart or blood pressure medicine, a sedative, seizure, ED drugs are some among them that interacts with this drug. It is essential to consult with the health care provider before taking this antiviral medication. Taking this pill does not prevent transmitting HIV to other person. Hence talk with the doctor about the safety measures that could prevent HIV transmission to another person. Consult the healthcare provider if a patient is pregnant, nursing a baby or planning to become pregnant. . The drug is also available as generic Norvir online and it would have the same effectiveness compared to its brand variant.