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Nolvadex is a drug which is used for treating breast cancer. It is also used in addition with other drugs for women with DCIS. It is an antiestrogen that prevents the growth of tumors that are induced by estrogen in the body.

Buy Nolvadex online

Anyone can easily buy Nolvadex from online pharmacies. But it is not for everyone. This drug is strictly for adult females. This drug should not be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. People with medical conditions related to lungs, blood cells, cholesterol level, lipid level, eye or any cancer other than breast cancer should not consume this drug without doctor’s approval. If you have any medical condition that is serious and life threatening, it is important to use the drug only with prescription.

Nolvadex without prescription

Nolvadex should not be used without doctor’s consent. This drug interacts with a lot of other prescription drugs like anticoagulants, cytotoxic cancer drugs, aromatase inhibitors and many others. Thus, it is always better to get doctor’s approval before using this drug. Moreover, the list of side effects of this drug is also very long. Severe headaches, missed menstrual cycle, slurred speech, severe vaginal bleeding, changes in vision, severe tiredness and muscle ache are some of the serious side effects that might arise from using the pill. Get medical help immediately if any severe side effects occur.

Nolvadex online pharmacy

There are a lot of online pharmacies to buy Nolvadex. These online pharmacies provide detailed information about the drug. Go through every piece of information about the drug before starting the course of therapy with it.  The usual recommended dose is 40mg per day as two doses. For DCIS, 20mg per day is recommended for 5 years. For management treatment of breast cancer, 20mg per day per year is recommended. This is generic dose level. Dosage level can vary based on your age, risk of cancer, medical condition, medical history and others. Stick to your prescription dose level. Overdose can cause tremor, dizziness, trouble in breathing, seizure and enhanced reflexes.