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Product Description

Nimotop is a drug used for treating high blood pressure condition and is categorized as a calcium channel blocker. The active ingredient is yellow in color and is crystalline in its appearance. Indeed, it is totally not soluble in water.

Each liquid capsule of Nimotop contains 30 mg of the active ingredient along with peppermint oil, polyethylene alcohol, purified water and description. This is the typical medical composition of a soft gelatin formulation. The working mechanism of the medication is that of obstructing the calcium ion transfer process which in turn disallows the vascular smooth muscle from getting contracted.


Nimotop is highly effective in treating medical complications that arises due to poor oxygen levels as a consequential effect of bleeding from any of the brain’s blood vessel. It is considered to be highly efficient in treating subarachnoid hemorrhage which in medical parlance is known as vasospasm. Depending on the doctor’s advice the medication can be used accordingly.


Nimotop is recommended only for oral administration and comes in capsule form. To experience the optimal benefits, take the medication an hour or two before having a meal. Ensure time consistency in administering the medication. Never discontinue the use of medicine right upon experiencing positive improvement at the early stages of the course of therapy. At instance of missed dose, do take the medicine the moment you remember about the missed dose. If it’s the time for the next dose, do not compensate for the missed dose and proceed ahead with the scheduled dosage pattern.

Side Effects

Side effects of Nimotop are not experienced by all those taking the medication; rather it is observed only by minor proportion of the individuals administering the medication on a regular basis. The common adverse effects are flushing, nausea, headache and diarrhea. The severe adverse effects are shortened breath, dizziness, abnormal heart beat, swelling in hands and feet and allergy reactions like tightened chest, rashes in skin, and swelling in the facial region. Consulting the doctor becomes highly critical if any of these adverse effects persist in the body for a considerable period of time.

Important safety information

Nimotop interacts with a broad category of drugs. It strongly interacts with drugs recommended for treated hypertension and one of its active compound is supposed to aggravate impact of antihypertensive compounds. Co-administering the medication with other drugs can cause serious health ramifications. Hence, never take two medications belonging to the same medical category.

Taking any drugs in increased dosage strength will negatively impact the efficiency of the medication.

Abstain from drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruit whilst taking this drug.