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netmeds.com website bannerNetmeds.com is an online pharmacy that is based in India which provides its customers with over the counter medication, prescription drugs, health care products and medical equipment. This website provides pharmaceutical service since 1914 to the consumers.

This Indian online pharmacy Netmeds.com helps people to get beauty products, medications and herbal supplements throughout the country. Chennai is the headquarters for this website. Netmeds.com is a website that is a well-known licensed online pharmacy. The site is safe and secure as they use PCI DSS Level 3 compliant.  This reduces the possibility of getting in to credit card fraud issues.

Netmeds.com can be utilized by all users without any hassle due to its easy search options. If you open the site, you can see that the medications would be scheduled based on prescription or without a prescription.  If you check in detail, it would be further classified according to the condition it treats. There is a keyword search option available which helps a person to go the necessary page when the name of the drug or manufacturer is mentioned. To make it even more easier, Netmeds.com had created its own application. Consumers need to just download it to the computer either from Google Play or App store.

You can use any of the two methods while purchasing the medications through the Netmeds.com site. Customers can buy the required medication directly from the website or can go about uploading their medical script to the site. Utilizing these methods, customers can get their stock filled then you can decide about the appropriate payment option. The choices like debit card, credit card or any other e-payment methods can be opted to pay for the items being purchased. Few people who reside in certain parts of the country can get another payment option and that is cash on delivery. Individuals choosing this option have to make the payment for the medication after it is delivered to the desired place.

Netmeds.com allows customers to contact their pharmacists as well as their representatives in many ways. You can use the call center number that is provided in the website. Customers are allowed to contact them any day in a week from 9.am to 9 p.m. If you are not willing to contact them through call, you can use the chat option. Even through this consumers can send their questions which can be seen by the pharmacists those who belong to the online pharmacy.

Individuals can get generic and brand medication from Netmeds.com. This makes the website to offer medications at a lowest rate to the consumers. When generic drugs are taken, it would have the similar composition and effectiveness to the brand one. The difference here lies in the price of the medications.

Our Rating

Netmeds.com receives a rating of 2.5 out of 5. There is only one disadvantage and that is it takes more time period to deliver the product to the customers. Poor customer service and problems with regards to processing time are some complaints about this website.