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Methadone is a narcotic drug that is used for helping people withdraw from heroin and other narcotic drugs. It is a pain reliever and is used as a part of addiction programs.

Methadone online pharmacy

It is a class 2 CSA schedule controlled drug. It will be available only with certified pharmacists and will be sold only upon submitting prescription. It is against law to hold this drug without prescription. It is a narcotic based drug and it can cause addiction. Overdose can cause death in children and people with any major medical condition. It should be used in dosage as recommended by the doctor.

How to get Methadone?

Methadone is found in various forms like tablets, liquids and others. Do not interchange the type of drug as you wish. If you are using liquid drug, you should get a dose measuring device too. Dispersible tablets are also available. It should be dissolved in 4 ounces of any type of citrus flavoured juice and drunk immediately. If any medicine is left, dispose it by flushing down the toilet.

Authorized portal to easily get Methadone online

Methadone is readily available in a lot of authorized portals. Anyone with a prescription can buy Methadone from these portals. You should always try to keep Methadone in stock. Some portals have longer delivery time than others. Plan accordingly as if you skip taking Methadone for three days in a row, you should talk to your doctor and start back from low dose again. Buying Methadone in bulk is a good option but, make sure that you do not overdose it or children do not misuse it. Overdose can cause life threatening situation in children and in adults, it causes heavy drowsiness, cold skin, fainting, slow breathing and others. Get immediate medical help or contact poison control centre.  Drinking alcohol or grapefruit juice with Methadone can also cause serious side effects and can be fatal too.