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Meridia vs XenicalObesity is the major factor that is found hard to digest by men, women and even children. They get disturbed when they are criticized for being obese. They get tensed, worried and depressed when they find their favorite outfit does not fit them anymore. In such cases, they seriously involve in weight losing activities like walking, cycling and dieting. But when they come to know about weight loss medications they really feel happy as they can reduce excess weight easy and fast while taking them along with a proper diet and exercise.

The fact about weight loss in general is to take less food and move or exercise more. There are many weight loss pills available in the market. The best weight loss medicine can be identified only upon consumption. Discussions on the effectiveness of Meridia vs Xenical provides with a detailed description about these appetite suppressant pills.

Meridia vs Xenical – which is more effective?

It can be very problematic for customers to decide which diet pill is more effective. Both Xenical and Meridia are beneficial when taken with a proper low calorie diet. The former works by blocking some of the fat that is consumed by the patient, making sure that it doesn’t get into the body while the latter works by boosting the chemicals in the brain. It makes them feel contented with what they eat by making their stomach feel full. Xenical is the brand name of the product orlistat, which is a fat blocker and meridia is the brand name of sibultramine, which is an appetite suppressant.

When it comes to deciding which pill is effective, both the pills are equally effective so an individual can choose one based on their preference and suitability. Meridia is taken once daily in 10mg dose with or without food. It can be used only for a short-term of 3 to 4 weeks. So this time frame is enough to decide if the medication is really effective on the person. If there is no adequate weight loss then dosage may be increased to 15 mg once daily. Xenical is advised to be taken 3 times regularly as a 120mg capsule. While taking this weight loss supplement the patient is supposed to have a nutritionally balanced diet containing fat, proteins and carbs distributed over 3 courses. It can be taken for long term as long as 12 weeks, so it needs more time to determine if this pill is effective in reducing weight. It has fewer side effects which may subside over time when compared with other diet pills.

When should these pills be taken for best results?

Weight loss pills can be taken when a person consuming it is ready to burn more calories than what they eat in order to reduce their body weight. People having diabetes should confirm with a doctor before taking these weight loss pills. It is because, the weight loss supplements can only burn excess fat or reduce the hunger but it doesn’t cause any difference if there is more in-take of calories than what they burn. One should stop taking these pills and consult a doctor when the below mentioned side effects occur.

  • Body aches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Side pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Muscle pain
  • Mental depression

How to successfully lose weight with Meridia or Xenical?

To lose weight with this appetite suppressant or diet pills it is first necessary to maintain a proper diet. The diet pills combined with a proper hygienic diet can only provide best results. When a person is sure of managing a proper diet he gets his diet chart as well as the diet pill prescribed by the doctor to reduce weight in the expected duration of time. The person consuming weight loss pills should be confident but should not wait more than the prescribed time if the pill is not found to contribute for best results.