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Meridia for obesityIn the world today, obesity is a common problem and it is increasing day by day with the increase in consumption of fast food among people. Meridia is a diet pill, which helps a person to wage a war against obesity. Meridia is mainly composed of Sibutramine. This drug acts as an oral anorexiant and it reduces the feeling of hunger as well as it provides a sense of fullness to an individual. Sibutramine helps its user to reduce the intake of food than the usual amount. A proper dosage of Meridia, when balanced with a low-calorie diet and intense workout can result in a faster weight loss. This dietary medicine keeps the lost weight, off and prevents a person from gaining extra weight. The effect of the drug varies from person to person and one may witness the higher effectiveness of the pill than another individual.

Who can take this Sibutramine drug?

Any weight loss supplement is meant for only the individuals with acute obesity disorders. High obesity may result in higher blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and also increases the risk of cardiovascular attacks. If you already have high cholesterol and heart problems, then the Sibutramine pills are not meant for you. This medication also poses a threat, as well as interacts adversely with MAO inhibitors and it is advised to be taken only after total elimination of MAO inhibitors from the body. Any person who is on any kind of anti-depressant is also not advised to take Meridia pills. The people with psychological problems, heart diseases, anorexia, epilepsy, having a history of drug abuse, etc should not intake this oral medication.

How to take Meridia?

Following your doctor’s prescription is always the best policy. The Sibutramine drug comes in capsules of 15mg or higher and it is not generally advised to consume it without any need. It is totally depending on the physician to increase or decrease the dosage of Meridia as per the progression of patient’s weight loss plan. There is no restriction on taking the medication with or without food. At the start of the dosage, you may experience a sudden drop of 6 to 7 pounds within a month. If no change is being witnessed, then it is recommended to consult the prescribing physician to increase the dosage of this dietary medicine. It is also recommended to keep a check on your health and to be cautious about any side effect if witnessed. Doctors always recommend their patients on Meridia dosage, regular check-ups, especially to monitor heart conditions and blood pressure.

How does Meridia work then?

The therapeutic effects of Sibutramine affect the inhibition of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine reuptake. This reduces the feeling of hunger in an individual. Meridia is used for managing obesity, which includes losing few pounds and to maintain that loss. Meridia is only for people with acute obesity disorders i.e., the individuals having a body mass index greater than 30kg/sqm.