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Product Description

Malegra is an erectile dysfunction drug that contains the active ingredient Sildenafil. This chemical formulation that is available as compressed tablets works by relaxing the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow to certain parts of the body to aid in penile erection.

The typical dosage of this drug is 100 mg. The ED pill takes about thirty to forty minutes for onset of effectiveness and has a biological half-life of about six hours.

What is Malegra used for?

The drug is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and impotency in men. Those men who are unable to achieve erection and maintain it till the sexual activity is over will benefit from taking this drug. This is a simple and cost-effective method to boost the sexual wellness in a man.

Those who are reluctant to talk openly talk about their sexual health problems can check for their symptoms and see if they this pill will work for them or not. Getting a consultation for ED will ensure that there are not underlying health conditions and in receiving the correct medication.

How to take Malegra?

The drug should be taken exactly as prescribed for the ED condition. Since Sildenafil’s effects last for just a few hours, the drug should be ideally taken just before engaging in sexual activity.

Sexual stimulation is essential for the drug to work as without this there cannot be penile erection. Only one pill should be taken in a day, without doubling the dose or taking two doses close together. For any other information on the correct use of the drug, consult with a medical professional.

Important information

After the impotency affected individual is able to get prescribed Malegra, he can enjoy the benefits of taking this drug and boost overall sexual wellness but with a few precautions.

Any individual who decides take generic Malegra may come across information on the safe use of this pill. The drug should ideally be taken only after a thorough health check as certain existing health conditions may worsen after taking it.

The individual prescribed to take this medication should not have heart conditions or low blood pressure as the drug’s mechanism will further lower the blood pressure which can be dangerous.

Side effects of Malegra

Some of the adverse effects that may be felt are

Interactions with other drugs

Other ED pills like Viagra, Cialis should not be combined with Malegra and one should wait for the effects to wear off completely before trying any other impotency drugs. Combining ED pills can result in increased risk of side effects.

Other drugs that can interact harmfully are antibiotics, HIV medications, blood pressure pills, and antifungal formulations. Consult with the physician before taking any of these drugs together.