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Product Description

Lunesta is a sedative medication that can induce sleep upon consumption. It is the brand name of the drug. The generic name is Eszopiclone.

In insomnia afflicted people, it impacts the brain chemicals and brings it to a balanced thereby enabling individuals to fall asleep faster.


Lunesta is employed in the treatment of sleep disorders, primarily for insomnia. The medication assists a person suffering from sleep disorders in reducing the time required to fall into sleep status, maintain the sleep for longer duration and minimize the frequency of waking up while sleeping at night, all which helps in getting a full-fledged rest in the night.

The drug is classified within the group called as sedative-hypnotics and influences the brain to provide a calm effect for the mind. The use of Lunesta drug is normally restricted to minimum treatment duration of 1 to 2 weeks or even less than that.


For insomnia, Lunesta 1mg per day is common dose and maintenance dose is 1 to 3 mg per day. It is better to stick on to the dosage strength prescribed by the doctor.

Take Lunesta only after ascertaining the effectiveness of the medication in your body type. This does not mean that you can use this drug, without any consideration. Do not share this drug with anyone even if they have same symptoms or problems as you.

Overdose can cause serious effects including severe drowsiness, difficult breathing and others. If overdosed, get emergency medical help, immediately. Do not consume two Lunesta doses, within 8 hours. To avoid day time drowsiness, take a drug only when you have eight hours to sleep or rest.

A person should commence with the initial dosage of 1mg orally which should be taken exactly and just before bedtime. It is of primary importance to maintain the dosage levels at 1 mg to 3 mg taken at close and before bedtime. Extraordinary care needs to be adhered so that the oral medication taken before bedtime does not exceed 3 mg.

Side effects

The common side effects are

Serious side effects are

The medication, as per the documentations available extensively is known to cause allergic reaction very severe in nature. On sensing any signs of allergy reaction halt the medication indefinitely and seek emergency medical assistance. The allergic reaction can be in the form of puking, swollen face, tongue, hives and problems in respiration.


Individuals with the following medical condition should not take Lunesta without consulting the doctor

Lunesta medication is a definite no for individuals who have been intoxicated with alcohol and even minimal levels of quantity of alcohol in the body is strictly considered risky for taking this drug.

As already highlighted a track record of alcohol problems is enough to prevent the intake of Lunesta drug. There are also people who indulge in complex activities in a sleepy status considered as normal while a person is awake and full of consciousness.

The possession of this kind of behavior is also reason to reject the intake of the medication. A weak or a frail body is again a sound reason to deter the intake of the drug by the patient who is need of it.

Other major and important causes cited to refrain from taking the drug meant for treating sleep disorders are abnormalities in the nervous system that are actually responsible in affecting the overall mental alertness of the affected patient.