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Product Description

Lithium is majorly utilized as a psychiatric medication that is characterized by diagnosing, preventing and treating conditions of mental disorders. This is the generic formulation of the drug Eskalith. The drug belongs to a class of mood stabilizers that are pharmaceutical drugs used typically to treat bipolar disorder. It is found to reduce risk of suicidal thoughts that arise in patients with this category of disorder.

The common form of this drug was approved by FDA in the year 1970. The drug also possesses neuroprotective properties (strategies used to protect against neuronal injury in the central nervous system) by preventing apoptosis (death of cells which occur normally as part of organism’s development) and increasing cell longevity.

What is Lithium used for?

Lithium pill is mainly used to combat bipolar disorder (mental illness indicated with depression and elevated mood). At times this pill is also used when other treatments failed to be effective in treating depression and psychiatric disorders in children.

The medicine can also be used in the treatment of epilepsy, arthritis and kidney disorders. It is mandatory to get prescribed lithium so you can know about the complete information of this medicine from an authorized physician.

Earlier the medicine was utilized in the treatment of gout but the administration of the medicine for this purpose was discontinued as it was found that the levels of lithium required to isolate uric acid from kidney were toxic.

How to take Lithium?

Lithium medicine is available in different formulations as tablet, extended release tablet and as a liquid that should be taken orally. Dosage strength of this pill ranges from 90mg to 2400mg.

The tablet and liquid form of this med can be taken thrice or four times a day whereas the extended release form should be taken twice or thrice a day. An individual taking Lithium pill is supposed to be monitored by a physician on a regular basis.

A person should get serum level tested regularly and should also monitor his thyroid and kidney for abnormalities as this medicine interferes with the regulation of sodium and water content in the body, resulting in dehydration.

Side effects

The side effects that are severe yet happen only for rare cases are

Some common side effects are

However, these side effects may subside over time. If they occur often then the person is advised to stop taking the medicine and consult his physician immediately. An individual is advised to take Lithium only after knowing complete details about the medicine.

Interactions with other drugs

Lithium drug may interact with medications that contain caffeine, diuretics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin. On the safer side, it is advised to check about all the contraindications of the drug or consult an authorized physician before taking the medicine.