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lipitor vs crestorHeart health is a very important factor when it comes leading a high quality of life. Having a condition like high cholesterol can lead to severe heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and blood pressure, all of which are quite difficult to recover from. Persons who are unable to bring down the cholesterol level would benefit much from taking medications. The condition may be triggered by unhealthy eating habits or even genetics but there are drugs available that can help in lowering the cholesterol levels. In this regard, Lipitor and Crestor are two of the top-selling medications that are prescribed to treat high cholesterol. Individuals who are unable to lower their cholesterol with just diet and exercise would be highly benefitted if they take either of these medications. Taking regular tests will show if there is any improvement in the condition or not.


Lipitor is highly popular as a cholesterol lowering drug and is known the world over. Available as the brand of Atorvastatin, Lipitor belongs to the class of drugs known as statins and it works as a lipid lowering agent. The drug is considered to be highly effective by both doctors and patients alike and also it does not cost much. By carefully following the directions of the healthcare provider, children above the age of ten and adults can take Lipitor for their cholesterol issues.


Crestor, known by the generic name Rosuvastatin, is well-regarded for its tremendous benefits in persons with high cholesterol. Crestor also belongs to the group of drugs called as statins and is taken with a doctor’s prescription. Higher doses of Crestor are administered in those whom the condition is very severe. Bringing down the bad cholesterol levels as early as possible will aid in lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. For the accurate dosage information always consult with your healthcare provider. Take Crestor as indicated and you will definitely benefit from its cholesterol-lowering capabilities.

Which cholesterol lowering drug to choose – Lipitor or Crestor?

When deciding on Lipitor vs Crestor, the choice is usually made by the doctor. They are both equally effective and produce the same results in the same time based on the tests performed. With efficacy being the same, the choice really comes down to which drug is more popular and many may opt for Lipitor rather than cholesterol. Physicians decide to prescribe Lipitor if the patient is in immediate need of lowering the cholesterol level, while Crestor may be prescribed if the condition is just moderate. If you find either of the brands to be expensive, then generic variants may be bought as they work in the exact way as the brand. If you experience allergic reactions with Lipitor then you may opt for Crestor and vice versa. There really is no particular reason as to why you should choose one drug over the other as they work the same way and are just as effective. The main requirement is to lower the bad cholesterol in the body to prevent developing more severe conditions and either drug may be chosen.