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Levitra User Reviews

I started taking Levitra after my doc diagnosed me with ED two months back. Before that I had some mild depression and maybe because of that I was having erection issues. The drug has really helped me to continue with my sexual life without it getting affected. I love how I don’t have to worry about ED issues when I want to be sexual with my partner. I would definitely rate this drug a 10. – Dan

I tried different erectile dysfunction medications before I found that Levitra was the one that was suitable for me. At 58, I don’t have the patience to try too many different treatments just to get an erection. This medication is now my go-to med and I keep some near my dresser all the time though I take a pill only when I really need to use it. My wife and I are happy with this drug. – Victor

I’ve been on Levitra for many years now as Viagra and Cialis didn’t work for me. Taking the medication for so long has helped me understand how I can make sure the drug definitely works and in time for sex. I usually take one pill on an empty stomach and within half an hour I am ready. In case I get hungry I just have one small fruit so the drug will be effective still. Thought I’d share what I usually do so others taking the drug can also get good results. – Rick

I’ve been a diabetic for four years now. Initially I didn’t have any major symptoms but slowly I started noticing that my erections were weak and I was not able to satisfy my partner completely. My doc advised to go for generic Levitra as it is very effective even in diabetic patients. He also advised me on how i can get access to cheap generic levitra pills online. I have tried this medication just to see how it works. Well, my erections are so much better and it feels good to know that my sexual health is not a problem anymore. – Tony

I am in my 80s and no one would believe that I am still sexually active. I started taking Levitra five years back and any time my partner is interested I take one dose and wait for its effects. I use this med at least once a week. I have noticed that my erection is ready within thirty minutes if I take the pill on an empty stomach. Before I started consuming the medication, my wife and I did not have sex for many years. My age doesn’t allow me to take the full dose. So I just split the pills and use half when needed. This drug has really changed many things for us and we are happy for that.– Alex