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Levitra for EDLevitra is an erectile dysfunction medication which has now shown great results on the patients who suffer from impotency along with heart diseases. This was found out through a research that was conducted on men.

Study on effects of Levitra in men with heart diseases

This is a study that is conducted on 600 men across 42 different centers. They were men whose age was above 18 years and they were suffering from erectile dysfunction. Apart from this, they also had one of the medical ailments like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes or dyslipidemia.

To make it easier to understand, the erection attempts they had experienced during the sexual intercourse is marked in the diaries that had a certain standard set of questions.

Men, when taken Levitra medication, had better erections than when exposed with placebo pills. The success rate of penetration and the improvement in maintaining the erection successfully throughout the sexual activity is mentioned in percentage here.

Hypertension: Significant improvement up to 84 percent and 66 percent.

High cholesterol: they found 84 percent and 72 percent improvement.

Diabetes: 75 percent and 58 percent improvement were notified.

During the end of 12 weeks of treatment, the patients who took Levitra pills achieved greater penetration rate when compared to the ones who took placebo medication.

I’ll effect experienced by these men

Men who were taken for the Levitra study did have some ill effects and they were ranged from mild to moderate. Common side effects that most of them experienced are flushing and headache. However, all these effects were easy to be managed and did not trigger negative effects in the body.

What measures should be taken while on Levitra treatment?

If you are a person who is suffering from heart disease, diabetes, hypertension or any other medical ailments then it is a must to consult with the healthcare professional. There are two reasons behind this.

Firstly, it is important to know whether indulging in sexual activity would be appropriate for your health condition or not. People with heart diseases should be sure about this. Sexual intercourse would add strain to the organ that is already weak. However, the drug does not have any impact or strain to the heart.

Secondly, you would be taking certain medication to treat those medical ailments. When you take Levitra along with those drugs then there are chances for drug interactions to occur. People who are suffering from heart ailments would be taking nitrates which are very risky when taken along with Levitra.

Not only this medication but there are lot more drugs that might intermingle with medication. So, check with your doctor whether taking these pills together would be safe for you or not and then go about administering the pill. Even you can check online the guidelines for taking levitra effectively.

Men who dont have prescription and are unable to consult their practitioner and are need of this pill can resort to an online practitioner. The benefit of consulting an online practitioner is that you don’t need to leave from your place, you can answer all the questions from where you are, and after the verification, if the online doctor approves, you can get your levitra without prescription online without any hesitation and the doctor can then even provide you a prescription.