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Klonopin vs AtivanSchool, college or work can be stressful and many individuals may get anxious but it is very common. Many among them may bounce back but for some, it may be frequent, intense and uncontrollable. These may interfere in their routine and happiness of life, in this case you may have anxiety disorder.  It is one of the most common mental illnesses which affect both children and adults. The number of people who suffer from this psychiatric illness is increasing year by year but the sad truth is that only one third of those receive treatment. One should definitely get treated as soon as possible before the anxiety causes serious effect on life. There are many safe medications available and the best among them are Klonopin and Ativan. Both the anxiety pills belong to the group called Benzodiazepines. The brand name of clonazepam is Klonopin whereas the brand name of Lorazepam is Ativan.

Which is better in giving relief- Klonopin vs Ativan?

Confused on what to buy- Klonopin vs Ativan?These two pills are very effective in curing anxiety disorder. Both the drugs help in affecting the chemicals which are present in the brain that may be unbalanced for those individuals suffering from anxiety. The medication should be taken for only shorter span of time as Klonopin and Ativan are habit forming. Smaller dosage should be taken at the initial stages. As the effectiveness of the pill may vary from one person to another, some may respond to the treatment within few weeks whereas others need few months. Ativan can be swallowed with the water but Klonopin has to be kept in your mouth and allow it to dissolve without chewing. If you want, water can be consumed a little to help the dissolving factor. Both the pills give a better relief for the person who is suffering from anxiety disorders. Since both the pills are powerful and have greater effectiveness on the disease, many think that it can be taken simultaneously. No, this should not be done as these two meds may interact with each other and cause serious ill effects. Clonazepam has a longer lasting time when compared to lorazepam. If the clonazepam has an effect of 8 to 10 hours then lorazepam has an effect of 4 to 5 hours. But do not generalize as the pill has different effect each person.

Where to buy anxiety disorder pills?

There are many pills available in the market as well as many pharmacies to get the pill from. Whenever you have planned to order any pill, consult your health provider as he may know about the genuine online pharmacies which provide authentic pills. Is it necessary to buy an authentic pill? Yes, it is very important to purchase authentic pills as only these kind of pills enable the positive effect on the disease and it is equally important to buy it from genuine mail order pharmacy as they only sell the pills that are properly formulated.

Will I have withdrawal symptoms if I stop the medication?

These are the medications which slow the activities in the brain and cause a calming effect. Chemicals in the brain are affected hence makes the person feel better. But whenever the medicine is stopped, the brain tries to bounce back and this is called as withdrawal symptoms. Yes, just like other drugs the person may experience certain changes in them. It is very important for the person to seek medical assistance as soon as possible if there are signs of withdrawal. Whenever you feel that your loved ones are suffering from any side effects like mood swings or change in the behavior, it is very important to take them to the doctor.