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Product Description

Isoniazid is an antibiotic and is the generic formulation of the drug called as Niazid. It has a biological half-life of 0.5 to 1.5 hours. This medication is combined with other drugs and is used in treating Tuberculosis. This drug prevents the growth of the particular bacteria and improves the condition of the patient. It is only for handling bacterial infections and does not treat viral infections. Doctors may also prescribe this medication for the treatment of depression.

How to take Isoniazid?

Isoniazid medication can be either taken as a tablet, liquid form or through injection according to the doctor’s advice. If the person is told to take pills throughout the course of therapy, then it can be taken by mouth one hour prior to a meal or else two hours after eating food.

If antacids are taken by the patient, Isoniazid drug should be taken at least one hour before it. Do not assume the dosage strength as it needs certain factors to be considered before taking it. The dosage strength would be prescribed based on weight, age as well as body’s reaction to the treatment.

The pills can be taken daily or once in a week. For the betterment of the condition, take Isoniazid drug dose at a regular interval. If the patient takes the pills for the recommended period of time, there are high chances to prevent this virus in the future.

If an individual takes Isoniazid medication through an injection, it can be taken at the hospital or a clinic. Use distinct needles each time during the injection. Never use the medication if the seal is broken, contaminated, or any change in color. Using this would only promote harmfulness to an individual so check it every time before injecting it.

The liquid form of Isoniazid medication can be taken with a dose measuring spoon to treat this condition. Halting the treatment abruptly would make the bacteria to grow again leading to the development of this infection. This time it would be very difficult to treat the condition so never halt the medication before the course duration. Generally, doctors would prescribe Vitamin B6 medication to avoid nerve problems in the patients.

Side effects

Minor side effects due to this pill are

Severe side effects may also be initiated during the healing process. They are

These side effects must be shown to the health care provider immediately. Taking vitamin B6 long with the medication can reduce the side effects. This is highly advantageous if you have a history of malnutrition and diabetes.

Relative contraindications

Interactions might occur within the drugs which are taken by the patient. Individuals who get prescribed Isoniazid would have knowledge about the drug interactions. Some of the drugs which have possible interaction with this medication are MAO inhibitors, SSRI antidepressants, and azole antifungals.

Don’t consume seafood and red wine while on Isoniazid as it may increase your chances at worsening blood pressure problems.