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Device to detect counterfeit LevitraA startup company is a procedure to invent a device that can detect the counterfeit version of Levitra medication. It would be connected to the smartphone, the light shines on the medication and can identify whether it is a true medication or not.

This is not the only company that is trying to find a device, India’s health ministry have also started this measure. Their aim is not only to identify rogue pills in India but also in the United States.

In Kenya, a paper-based screening tool is found out. It is just a small card and the suspected Levitra pill need to be applied on a certain region of the card. This is then dipped into the solution. With the change of color, it helps us to identify whether the medication is counterfeit or not.

The usage of this erectile dysfunction medication for recreational use is also increasing these days, especially in the clubs and pubs. These types of drugs might contain harmful substances in it. So, to avoid taking Levitra with dangerous substances there are companies which provide testing kits to the people. So, a person who is need of this pill can go about checking it using the kit and then can take it.

There are so many countries in the world but only a few countries have dedicated services to identify counterfeit drugs. This is due to lack of funding. Though the US customs people check the Levitra medications before letting it enter the country, the counterfeit pills easily reach people because of online pharmacies.

It would take few months for people to use these technologies as they are still in the project. But, there are ways to identify Levitra is authentic or not and for this, you have to believe in yourself.

Steps to be followed to detect Levitra medication

If you have ordered for a Brand medication then the procedure would be very simple because this drug would follow the same size, color, and shape. You just need to know how the brand Levitra looks like.

In the case of generic variants, there are so many types available in the market which is manufactured by different generic manufacturing companies. Even many companies offer cheap generic levitra deals online as the brand version is expensive. So, the problem here is that the appearance would totally vary.

You can search online about particular generic version and can know about how it looks. Through this, it is easy for you to know whether you have received right medication or not. The most important factor is that you need to know from where the drugstore is sourcing the ED pills from.

If it is from outside your country, you have to find whether the Levitra pills that you get are approved in that country. Be careful on what you take then to be sorry.