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Is there a cure for sleeping disorderIf you have difficulty in falling asleep or even staying asleep for a long time, or whether or not your sleep gives you a refreshing feel when you wake up, then it’s a possible sign of sleep disorder. The general name for the sleeping disorder is Insomnia. Here I will be briefing about the various types of insomnia and several causes and treatments for it.

What is Insomnia?

It is the inability of a person to fall asleep or even stay asleep. It also describes the poor quality of sleep during the night which results in excessive sleepiness during daytime. It affects every person at any point of their lives. There are several identifiable factors that interfere with our sleep such as, the poor state of our sleeping environment, stress, pain, depression, or waking up often to urinate which is also called as Nocturia. This may occur as short term and long term periods for a person. Short term sleeping disorders can be caused by stress or depression. Hence, that is temporary and serious medication or treatment is not needed. But long term sleeping disorder is serious and should be looked after by a doctor and medications are required.

The major two types of insomnia are acute and chronic. Acute insomnia deals with the short term insomnia which is just temporary. This acute may be caused by stress and depression at that time which in turn causes you not to sleep properly. No serious medication is required for acute insomnia. But medication can be taken for stopping it and to have a peaceful sleep. It can be from one night or to last a few weeks. Some of the main causes for acute insomnia would be as follows, physical or emotional discomfort, environmental factors which are excessive noise or light, temperatures hot or cold which affect you to fall asleep, illness and medications for treating any other disorder in your body can also cause acute insomnia and can interfere with the daily routine sleep schedule.

Chronic insomnia is a long term sleeping disorder. It starts as a normal sleeping disorder and later gets severe not treated properly in early stages. It is identified as chronic insomnia when you have sleeping disorders for three nights in a week in a single month or even longer period of time. This would result in heavy medication for as long as you have relief in sleeping peacefully. When you stop the medications some people tend to get insomnia back, hence it is better not to stop your medications until you consult your doctor before stopping it. The main causes for chronic insomnia would be long time depression or anxiety, long time stress, discomfort or pain during night time.

What is the general treatment for Insomnia?

• The regular schedule for sleep.
• Set enough time for sleep.
• Make sure the environment of the bedroom is cool, quite and dark.
• Turn off all the electronic gadgets around you.
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT.
• Breathing exercises.
• Meditation.

Apart from these, there are medications such as Ambien or Imovane which can be taken orally for instant relief from insomnia. These medications vary for acute insomnia and chronic insomnia. Both have separate time periods of medications too which should be followed for better results.

Can insomnia treated by pills?

There several kinds of sleep aids for treating insomnia, which includes both prescribed and nonprescribed medications. This depends on the severity of your sleeping disorder and may differ due to different health factors. Hence it is very important to consult the doctor for sleeping disorders before taking your own medications. Doctors prefer drugs for the treatment of insomnia. Medications recommended for insomnia such as Ambien pills should be taken orally before you go to bed. It makes you so sleepy that you should not perform any kind of active activities like driving or going out. Medications such as Ambien 10mg should also be consumed with better sleep practices. Some of the usual drugs prescribed for the sleeping disorder are.

Ambien: Also called as zolpidem or intermezzo. This tablet works well to help you get into sleep quickly and effectively, but it is noticed that some people tend to wake up at the middle of the night and could not sleep after that. Zolpidem can be purchased now as an extended version of ambient CR. This would help you to sleep faster and can stay asleep longer too. You should prefer Ambien only if you want to sleep for the maximum of seven to eight hours straight.

Stilnox: This is a brand of Ambien that causes the same effect in the body. But Stilnox is much concentrated than Ambien. If you take Ambien and change to Stilnox you might feel sleepier even during day time after. It might extend even till noon. Hence it is preferred only for serious insomniacs who suffer a lot of chronic insomnia and have great trouble in sleeping.

Imovane: It can also be known as Zopiclone. Imovane is a Nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic agent for the treatment of insomnia. It increases the neurotransmitter of GABA in central nervous system. It works by causing a tranquillization of the central nervous system. When Imovane is used for a prolonged time period your body will become accustomed to Imovane. Then the dosage is to be reduced in course of time and to be stopped completely. In the United States of America, imovane is not sold commercially with a prescription.