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is soma a safe muscle relaxant for pregnant woman and breastfeeding motherSoma is a muscle relaxant or pain relief medication that controls pain sensation by blocking the pain signals that get transmitted from nerve to brain. It is used for treating injuries and other pain inducing conditions. It can also be used for treating other medical conditions other than the one stated above. Can Soma be used by pregnant women and lactating mothers? Soma or Carisoprodol is a very common pain killer that is found in many homes. Your doctor would have prescribed it for you, long time ago. But, can a pregnant woman, take it? Let us see it in detail.

Effect of Soma on a pregnant woman

Soma should not be used by pregnant woman. It may affect an unborn child. Animal tests have shown that Soma affects the placenta and cause serious effect on growth and survival on the fetus. There is no strong evidence to prove the same effect in human fetus. If you had been taking Soma before your pregnancy don’t stop it immediately without doctor’s approval. It may cause withdrawal symptoms like seizure, headache, nausea, stomach pain, problems in sleeping and others. Seizure during pregnancy is not good for the mother and the fetus. Thus, if you get pregnant while using Soma, talk to a doctor immediately. He/she will weigh the risks and benefits of using Soma during pregnancy and will advise you accrodingly. If you are planning to get pregnant, talk to your doctor and get his/her consent.

Effect of Soma on a breastfeeding baby

Soma gets excreted four times into the human blood than into maternal plasma. In simple terms, the concentration of drug which is sent to a nursing baby is four times higher than an unborn fetus. Theoretically, using Soma during nursing is strictly prohibited. But, no adverse effect has been reported, till date. Generally, 4% of the drug will be excreted in human milk. In some cases, the milk production might be inadequate and supplement milk may have to be introduced to the baby. In animal tests, weight of the baby gets decreased but the same effect has not been found in humans. In certain cases, infant feeding may be reduced due to sedation or reduced milk production.

It is better to talk to your doctor before starting Soma, while you are breastfeeding. If you are taking Soma during breastfeeding, do not stop it, without consulting the doctor as withdrawal symptoms are common. Regularly check the milk intake of your baby and check for sedation effects on the baby. If you fear that the baby has reduced the intake of milk or in a sedative state, contact a pediatrician immediately and also talk to your doctor for opinion about the drug.

Dosage Strength and breastfeeding

A mother taking 700mg Soma three times a day during pregnancy and breastfeeding might have 11.6 mg/l Soma in her milk. On an average, an infant will receive 6% of the drug taken by the mother. If the same drug is taken four times a day, the infant will get 6.9% of drug. This level is considered very low for an infant. If the mother had been taking the drug from pregnancy, the metabolism of the infant might get stimulated and adjusted.

There is no unusual behavior or adverse effect found in infants whose mothers took up to 700 mg three times a day. The infant grew well and a test taken at 6 months of age showed normal growth and development. In infants, whose mothers took 700mg four times a day, slight sedation was noted during the first few months. Do not decrease the dose during breastfeeding, without consulting a doctor.