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Is levaquin generic effective in fighting bacterial infectionsLevaquin is an antibiotic with the generic name levofloxacin that fights bacteria in the human body i.e. bacterial infections that are caused in

• skin
• kidneys
• bladders
• prostate
• pneumonia
• tuberculosis
• anthrax
• plague
• sinus

The word generic has no change to the medicine. It has the same strength and quality like the old medicine. Only the brand name differs, whereas the cost of generic tablets or drugs is much cheaper.

Are there any precautions to be taken?

Avoid taking Levaquin if you consuming any muscle relaxant pills. If you are taking any steroid medicine or if you have underwent any lung, heart or kidney transplant taking levaquin will create health problems like swelling of tendon and it can happen while under medicine or after stopping the medicine also. And usually tendon problem occurs after the age of 60. If you feel any pain like swelling, problems while walking or any sudden pain contact your doctor as soon as possible. And take rest till you get the medical care for it. Do not go for a medicine which is allergic to you.

Levaquin can be good if you don’t have

• bad heart rhythm, especially if you’re using any medicines for that
• joints problems
• any muscle disorder and bone problems
• any liver or kidney disease
• brain tumor
• allergy related to antibiotics
• Diabetes

What are the ways to take Levaquin?

Levaquin being an antibiotic should only be taken under the guidance of your doctor as prescribed. Do not take the medicines for a longer period of time than prescribed. You should take the medicine at the same time on each day and you should take care of drinking a good amount of water while taking levaquin. You can take the medicine before or after the food.

If you are having liquid levaquin on empty stomach i.e.; 1 or 2 hours before the meal be sure to take it by the medicinal cup or spoon. Using the medicine for the prescribed time can improve your infection but not completely cured. While skipping the dose may increase your infection which can be resistant to your antibiotics. Levaquin is not effective to cure any viral infection such as cold and flu. If you are going for a screening test of drugs tell the staff that you are under levaquin. Do not share the medicine even if the other person has the same symptoms of yours. Store the medicine at the normal temperature and close the bottle when not in use. DO NOT overdose any medicines. Overdosing the medicines can have a bad impact on your health.

What are the things to be avoided while having Levaquin?

Never take medicine before and after 2 hours of taking levaquin. Taking other medicines at the same time makes levaquin less effective. Avoid going in sunlight it can make your skin burn. Be sure that you wear protective clothes or while going out you can apply and sunscreen cream. Contact you doctor immediately if you have pain, burning, itching, rash or any swelling. The medication has that much power to control your thinking so avoid doing the work which needs lot of attention. Antibiotics can cause diarrhea which can be a new infection on your human body. If you have bloody diarrhea stop taking levaquin. Do not take any other medicine until your doctor prescribes it.

What are the other drugs that will affect?

To take better care of your health, tell your doctor all the medicines you are using so that he can guide you what medicines not to take while having Levaquin. Some of the medicines are

• any kind of pill that helps in urination
• any pill for respiratory disease
• heart rhythm changing medicines
• pills for depression
• steroids

Where can we buy Levaquin?

It can be purchased through reputed online pharmacy, which sells genuine pills to its customers. The medication is available in many online drug stores that sell both the generic and brand formulation of the pill. The three different dosage strengths are 250mg, 500mg, and 750mg.