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is it effective to use propecia for baldnessPropecia is a drug that is used for treating male pattern baldness. The generic name of this medicine is Finasteride. The drug can also be used for other medical conditions too. Male pattern baldness is simply referred to as hair loss in men. It is a very common problem and has become a major concern for many. Propecia is highly effective in treating hair fall and in re- growing the hair.

Effectiveness of the drug

The effectiveness of Propecia can be well inferred from the fact that millions of men have benefitted from using the drug. In some cases, Propecia might stop working for you. In such cases, talk to your doctor and find an alternative medicine. Once it stops working, individuals can hardly experience any positive effects from the drug.

You need to use the drug for at least three months before you could see any considerable difference. Within a year, you can find a good result. Do not stop the drug after experiencing hair re-growth without doctor’s approval.

Women and children

Propecia prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT in a male’s body. DHT is one of the causes for hair thinning and receding hairline. This conversion is not suitable for a woman. Thus, this tablet should not be consumed by women or children, at any cost. Propecia is coated with a covering surface so that the drug is not exposed to the skin while touching the tablet. But, if the tablet is broken, the chemical is easily absorbed by the skin. If touched, wash the area with water and soap immediately.

Who should not take the tablet?

This drug can be easily bought from any online pharmacy. But, it is not safe to use it without any consideration. Doctor’s approval is essential due to the seriousness of the side effects. Remember that Propecia is not for everyone. Apart from children and women; this tablet should not be consumed by the following people.

  1. People with problems in liver, bladder, and urethra
  2. People with problem in urination
  3. Prostate cancer patient

Side effects

Common side effects include loss of interest in sex, inability to have an orgasm, runny nose, sneezing, back pain, headache, and others. Serious side effects include

  1. Fainting, dizziness
  2. Swelling of face
  3. Unusual weight gains or weight loss
  4. Itchy skin, rashes, and redness
  5. Discharge from nipple, dimpling in breast skin and lumps in breast
  6. Scaling of nipple, inverted nipple and swelling of nipple
  7. Sore on the breast, breast enlargement, and tenderness.

The common side effects would fade off with time. If the common side effects do not reduce within a few weeks, talk to your doctor. If you experience any serious side effects, stop the drug immediately and talk to your doctor.

How not to take the tablet?

  1. Propecia should not be crushed or dissolved in water. It should be taken, as a whole.
  2. Skipping the drug for a considerable amount of time can lead to hair fall. Do not forget to take the drug, every day
  3. Should not consume the drug with alcohol

Individuals should strictly adhere to the doctor’s instruction whilst undergoing course of therapy with the medication. Following the prescription, advice enables men to experience the positive effects of the pill. Do not increase or decrease the dose. Though overdose does not cause fatal effect, it may trigger some serious side effects. Before taking the drug, talk to your doctor about your medical conditions, medical history and the list of drugs that you take on a daily basis. Commence the course of therapy only upon obtaining the doctor’s consent.