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InternationalDrugMart.com Site BannerInternationalDrugMart.com is a reputed website which concentrates extensively on manufacturing over the counter along with prescription medication at a highly discount price, rarely seen in most of the online portals. This website is known to offer a stellar array of medications, health products and other sophisticated medical instruments. Internationaldrugmart.com has raised levels of dedication in customer service since it came into being in 2003. The website has already won enough recognition among the customers for the quality of the pills and affordability making it a brand name worldwide. The reputation earned was possible through the friendly customer service throughout the year and around the clock.

Assured Delivery around the World

After the orders are placed internationaldrugmart.com does not spare any effort in delivering the packages in the estimated time frame and regardless of the customers residing in any part of the world. In the latest assessment on their spread of logistics capability it has enabled them to deliver prescriptions and over the counter drugs to more than 150 nations. Headquartered in Nicosia in Cyprus, internationaldrugmart.com has got the strategic location advantage to dispatch products to any part of the world by having their pharmaceutical logistic centers located in Singapore in addition to India. It is actually from these bases the company distributes the medications to different locations based on the orders received.

Licensed Online Pharmacy

Internationaldrugmart.com is a licensed online pharmacy and which is displayed as 4322/MIII/20B, 4208/MIII/21B. The website has a feather in the cap on their authenticity and carries a clear specification that they are absolutely PCI DSS Level 3 Compliance Certified. This offers the leverage or advantage to the online pharmacy to distinguishably minimize or fully remove the feasibility of engaging in fraudulent practices using the debit card or the credit card. This in turn enhances the trust factor among the customers to get medications from the online pharmacy.

User Friendly Site

The experts employed by the website have taken all the efforts possible to make it well designed and maintain it on a periodical basis without fail. Along with the user friendly features implemented in the website the aesthetics have been done excellently. The features enable the customers to navigate across the website in a hassle free manner and can locate their medication of their requirement in any specific category in very few steps. After the medication is finalized the customers can navigate on to the purchase module which is also quite simple. Internationaldrugmart.com has structured it with very few steps in the scale of around 5 to complete the payment. Once on fulfilling the necessary details, the customer can proceed to buy the medications they are presently in need of.

Customer Service Facility

Internationaldrugmart.com provides many modes of customer service which can be chosen as per their convenience. The live customer agents answer to all the customers’ queries raised between 8 am to 8 pm, Eastern Standard Time and they also take in complaints about the products received. The representatives can be reached through chat or the phone facility. In the online mode, these experts can be contacted all the 24 hours in a day. In case of additional inquiries, the customers can establish contact with the website through email.

Cheap generic medications online

The important objective behind the conception of internationaldrugmart.com is that the company is able to provide over the counter and prescription drugs at the price most of the people could afford. This is made quite possible by offering customers with generic medications instead of the branded drugs. The generic medications are really secure and have proved to be effective similar to the drugs manufactured by the big pharmaceutical companies. The crucial and major difference between these medications is that the generic versions are priced cheaper. The online pharmacy demands a digital version of the prescription offered by the physician whereas it is not a necessity for over the counter medications.

Our Rating

On the whole, internationaldrugmart.com is being offered a rating of 2/5 stars. There have been divergent opinions with regards to customers’ feedback about the online pharmacy. Most of the persons have shared highly positive comments about the website and have vouched that they have received the products in the estimated timeframe. In the case of few others, there have been minor hurdles during payments and instances of improper response with customer care.