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fake canadian pharmacy reviewsOnline doctor services and pharmacy sites are great but not always. Online pharmacy sounds efficient and sophisticated but people may not know if it is really an authentic pharmacy that they are buying from. This makes buying drugs from a pharmacy online quite risky, as they can be fraudulent. So the first thing a potential buyer does is check the reviews posted on the site. But what most people are not aware about is that these site owners can manipulate the reviews that you see on their site. A site with many positive reviews seems trustworthy but they may not be as many positive reviews are written by site owners themselves while competitors write negative reviews. The problem of fake customer review had become so serious that the U.S federal department introduced laws to monitor it. So how can one figure out whether a really good review was in reality written by the site owners themselves and that a really bad one was written by a jealous competitor and not by a true customer. Some clues are given below, which if followed can help one out to know a real review from a fake one-

Third Party Review Software:

If the site owners review software is the one generating the reviews then that’s a good time to be a bit suspicious. So how do you know this? Easy, just check if the URL changes from the sites URL to that of the third party rating sites one. No change means the site owner may control what you can see.

Open Platform for reviews:

Check if the site you are buying from allows anyone to post a review. This basically means that anyone, including people who also have posted before is quite useless for a potential buyer. Open forum sites may be filled with disingenuous reviews from competitors and Big Pharmacy groups which want to disparage legitimate online pharmacy sites.

Few or no reviews:

Sites with few or no reviews should be avoided as such sites either have very few customers or the site owners are manipulating what the buyer can see. Basically sites with less review are a big ‘NO’ if you are looking to buy drugs from there.

Induced Ratings:

Some sites indulge in this practice. You can see that they are offering you gifts or discounts for posting positive reviews or giving them three or four stars rating. Now that is just not done as these are Pharmacy sites and if they are offering gifts just for positive reviews may mean that they themselves are not confident and organized but are basically bribing the customers. Avoid such sites.

An honest review may be harsh but it also points out the defects and places where service can be improved for the site owners. People who really open up sites for helping people get their medicines do not rely on bribes or manipulate their customers for positive reviews.