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How to reduce post pregnancy weight using PhenterminePhentermine is mainly used for suppressing appetite. In combination with physical exercise and diet, this stimulant enables its users to lose weight, within a given timeframe. Today, new mothers flood the Canadian online pharmacy drug stores with an aim of shedding the weight gained during pregnancy.

Why Phentermine during post pregnancy?

A pregnant woman should typically increase 11 kg during her pregnancy. During childbirth and postpartum, women shed at least half of the weight gained during the pregnancy. The remaining weight is usually hard to shed. This is why women choose drugs to lose weight. This does not mean that one can start taking Phentermine immediately after childbirth. The drug should not be consumed by nursing mothers. Nursing baby can experience serious reactions to the drug that is excreted along with the milk. It can cause decreased appetite, irritability diarrhea, sleeplessness and in certain cases tremor too.

First course of weight loss

The total weight loss schedule can be divided two courses. The first course can be started after 6 months post childbirth provided nursing is stopped. Birth control pills can be used along with the drug without any effects. After 12 weeks (approx. three months), the course should be stopped. Taking the drug in higher dose or for more than 12 weeks would not increase the weight loss process. On the other hand, it causes psychological dependence towards the drug which leads to abuse. The drug should not be stopped as and when needed. The drug should be slowly reduced and your doctor would be able to make you stop the drug without any withdrawal symptom.

Second course of weight loss

In many cases, Phentermine with exercise and diet would provide considerable weight loss by the end of the first course. If exercise or diet is not continued thereafter, there are chances of gaining back the weight. In some cases, one course of the drug might not be enough for weight loss. In such cases, the second course of Phentermine can be started after consulting a doctor. There should be 12-week gap between two courses. Before starting the next course, your doctor would determine why there was no considerable weight loss in the first course. This includes submitting your medical history, list of prescription and over-the-counter drugs that you consume, your diet plan and exercise schedule. The second course would usually be started after discussing a diet plan and exercise schedule. The course would be for 12 weeks and after discontinuing Phentermine, exercise and diet should be continued for maintaining your weight. The drug should not be started again unless your doctor feels it is appropriate for your medical condition.

Speed of weight loss

There is no specific formula for the speed of weight loss. The speed of reaction depends on the body’s reaction to the drug. The weight loss would be very slow for the first couple of weeks as the body needs to adapt to the chemicals. This adaptation process can cause digestive problems, anxiety, insomnia and other problems. These symptoms would disappear within a few weeks. The speed of Phentermine would be high in people with I or II degree obesity. III and IV degree obesity levels are harder to reduce. Thus, it is important to start using the drug immediately after discontinuation of nursing to avoid more increase in weight. Weight loss below BMI using the drug is very hard to achieve.