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Valium for anxietyValium is a benzodiazepine drug, generically known as diazepam used mainly to treat anxiety, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, seizure, muscle spasms etc. During the consumption of Valium thousand questions may pass through the minds of the patients. Everybody wants it to act fast and effective so that, they feel self-relaxed with the prescribed amount of medicine. They work on the GABA receptors in the brain by altering the chemical signals and works by controlling the anxiety within the patient. In order to work effectively, the drug needs to be transported via blood towards the brain. If one can understand the working of these drugs, then you can effectively make use of certain hacks to make valium work more efficient. Here are some tips to improve the efficacy of the drug.

  • Valium is available in both pill and injectable form. Understand which is better for you. In rare occasions, certain people prefer an injection over a pill, whereas a physician would prefer a pill in normal cases. Moreover, if you don’t have the choice to choose between an injection and pill, strictly follow what your doctor says.
  • Before getting Valium prescribed, convey your current status of other drugs. One must strictly tell your doctor if you take any sleeping pills, anti-anxiety drugs, Viagra’s etc. This is because, valium has a strong drug interaction with those class of drugs, thus the efficiency of the drug might get compromised.
  • Certain food items interact with the valium, and may sometimes cause gastrointestinal imbalance. So make sure that you avoid those foods which are listed by your doctor. It is advised to you avoid oily and high protein foods during medication course.
  • Never ever snort valium. There has been a misconception that, snorting valium would make it work quickly and effective, but the truth is, snorting technique is used by abusers rather than patients during which the user might damage the delicate blood vessels and membrane in the air tract. Take Valium orally, as per your doctors’ suggestion.
  • Increasing dosage won’t help the user, instead, might put you into a state of hallucination and damage the brain on a long-term Even if you don’t get a quick intervention of valium, continue taking the pill as prescribed by your doctor. You can convey the status report to your doctor constantly and only with their contentment increase the dosage if required.

Some general tips to increase the effectiveness of Valium

  • Take the pill with cold water which might help to preserve it on its way to the stomach and helps in fully functioning.
  • Using Valium sublingually makes it work faster, because there is a high density of blood vessels under the tongue, and thereby releasing the active compound directly into blood.
  • Avoid coffee during the medication course, but if you can’t do that, then avoid it before 6 hours pre and post usage.
  • There is a tendency to chew valium, but it is suggested to avoid that and try swallowing it.