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how to make adderall more effectiveThough Adderall is considered to be effective in individuals across all age groups, in some cases, administering an external stimulus becomes imperative to enhance its effectiveness.  Co-administering the medication with another external stimulant is bound to enhance the effectiveness of the drug. However, it should be done only with caution and as per the advice of the physician. Undergoing proper medical examination is a must, before opting to take other stimulant drugs to improve the lasting potential of the medicine.

Medicines for increasing the effectiveness of Adderall

To increase the performance of this ADHD pill, generally, doctors recommend taking supplement drugs which are rich in vitamin (B12) amino acids. Even caffeine based drugs or drinks can also increase the efficiency of the pill. The main purpose of administering supplement pills is to increase the energy levels, as brain when works intensely it tends to get tired more easily so it needs an extra push in the form of external supplements. Moreover, even when the body becomes tired, the brain would not be able to perform effectively.

Stomach acids also have an effect on how the drug is released inside the body. When the stomach pH is very high, the drug is excreted easily from the body. Adding antacids to the diet would help to increase the effectiveness of the drug.

L-tyrosine is a common drug prescribed by doctors for increasing effectiveness of Adderall. This drug decreases fatigue in the body. Fatigue can cause a decrease in energy and resists concentration. This drug is usually prescribed as an alternative to caffeine drinks, to increase energy, in many cases. This should be used with caution as when the level of tyrosine is very high in the body, secretion of dopamine decreases, thereby rendering Adderall ineffective.

A few people use B-50 complex vitamin. This can be used by those who do not have any adverse reaction to caffeine products. This helps the brain to focus, just like caffeine. Magnesium supplements and B6 supplements combination is also a good enhancer of Adderall. If the patient uses magnesium supplement, B6 supplement should be used along with it, so that the body does not absorb too much magnesium.

Non-medical way of enhancing Adderall

As stated above Magnesium with B6, B12, antacids and other elements helps increase the effectiveness of Adderall. The good news is that these are readily available in also in the form of natural sources. It is not a bad option to choose supplements. However, when something is available in a natural form, it is better to choose the natural version instead.

Magnesium is readily found in soybeans, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, sesame seeds, black beans, spinach, Swiss chard, cashew, sunflower seeds and navy beans. If you are using magnesium rich food to increase the effectiveness of the drug, vitamin B6 is not very essential. Yet, if you are looking for B6, you can find it in tuna, turkey, chicken, salmon, potato, beef, sweet potato, spinach, banana and sunflower seeds.

Certain food items and activities which would act as an antacid are, drinking sufficient amount of water, reducing carbohydrate in the diet, reducing spicy food, citrus fruit, tea, chocolate and non-starchy vegetables. Do not eat anything for 20-30 minutes after taking the tablet.

Just like any other online prescription drug, Adderall is almost fatal, when overdosed. Thus, do not increase the dose to increase the effectiveness or do not add more stimulant pills of different brands, to your diet. Overdose can cause hallucination, panic attacks, muscle twitches, tremor, rapid breathing, muscle pain, dark urine, weakness, nausea, diarrhea, uneven heartbeats, fainting and in worst cases, seizure or coma. Emergency medical help and hospitalization would be required if one overdosed on this pill.