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how to know if adderall is working for youAdderall is one of the best drugs that you can find in the market for ADHD, increasing cognitive function, and many others. This does not mean that Adderall is the right drug for everyone. In many cases, the drug would not be work for you. This also does not mean that there is some problem with the dosing or with you. The drug performs a uniform function in everyone’s brain and hence this cannot be the answer for all those with ADHD problems.

The first step to solving this problem is to identify whether Adderall is working for you or not. This article will take you through tips and strategies which will help you to determine whether or not the drug is working for you.

Comparing productivity

When you first start using Adderall, keep all the other variables, under control. This will help you to find out for sure if the drug is working for you or not. For instance, sleep, diet, amount of exercise and consumption of alcohol or caffeine should be kept stable. Now, after using the drug for a few months (remember to give the drug sometimes, to show its effect) determine whether there is any significant difference in your working productivity or concentration. Have a reality check, before and after starting the drug.

Analyzing Symptoms

Keeping other factors aside, if you are not disturbed by every external stimulus and your impulsive behavior is under control, then the medicine is for sure working for you. Hyperactivity should also be checked. If your symptoms have eased out, then it is a good sign and you are on your way towards better productivity. The drug will make you feel calm and focused no matter whether it is helping to treat ADHD or not. So, leave calmness and focus out of the symptoms list and give more emphasis on hyperactivity and impulsive behavior.

Side effects

Side effects occur to almost everyone who uses the drug with no regards to whether it is working or them or not. But, when the drug increases dopamine in your brain, you would feel happy, pleased and motivated, even for no reason. You would always be alert and stress will be out of your day. If you are able to feel this happiness and comfort, then the drug is indeed increasing dopamine in your brain and therefore, it is working for you.

Physical activities

Check your performance in exercise, study and other day-to-day activities. Keep a track of your performance before and after using the drug. If you are able to perform better in physical activities, then norepinephrine level has been increased which indicates that the drug is effective. Adderall is also a good drug which would help you to sleep well and wake up fresh. If insomnia is not one of your side effects, you can use your sleep cycle to determine whether the drug is working or not.


Do you know the best way to know whether the drug is working for you? Get feedbacks from others regarding your behavior, performance and other physical changes. School report card, office performance report, peer feedback and others will give you a clear overview of whether the drug is working for you or not.

What should you do if Adderall is not working on you? The worst things would be to increase your dose or skip or stop the drug. Talk to your doctor. He will give you certain supplements or diet plans which would make the drug work for you. In most of the cases, a bad diet can be a cause for ineffectiveness. Do not get more drugs from any Canadian online pharmacy store, but consult a doctor to find an effective solution. In some cases, increased dose can work but it should be the doctor’s call and not yours.