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identify real medications Purchasing medications through an online pharmacy is increasing day by day. Yet, some people are not aware on how to identify if the drugs that are bought online are real or not. It is very important to know about it to be on the safer side.

Check for the imprints

By seeing the imprints on the tablet it is possible to identify whether it is a right drug or not. All the pills would be scored about the medication name as well as the dosage strength. People who are regularly taking it can find it easily. If you are not taking it for a longer period of time or if you are new to take the pills then it is better that you note the information in a notebook about how it should look.

Identify the color

Though a single medication would be available in different colors due to the availability of various generic drugs, you have to identify which color pill that you are taking. Apart from the color, it is also essential to identify its shape, size and all its appearance.

Contact the FDA

People can contact the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They can mail them about the description of the medication that you have received from a mail order pharmacy and you can enquire about all your queries as well.This would be the appropriate way to get proper advice.

Utilize the website of the pharmacy

A person can use the pill identifier in the site. You would be asked to mention about the imprints on the tablet first. If there are no such imprints then you can refer the appearance of the drug. You would get the list of drugs along with the pictures that would match your statement. It would be easy for you to analyze whether the medication that you bought through a mail-order pharmacy like healthprose.org are real.

Check with your medication

If you are not certain about the medication that you have received then it would be good to check with the pills that are with you. This would be the easiest and the quickest way to find the right medication. If it matches with your stock then it is well and good but if it does not then you have to search for different options that are mentioned in this blog.

Consult with a health care professional

If you are not able to find the answer for your question then you can go about asking your doctor. Produce the tablet to them so that they can analyze it. Remember that you should not take any medication without confirming with the medical specialist. In case, you are not sure on what drug you have taken and feeling any ill effects then seek medical help immediately.

Call to the customer care team

Saving the best to the last, you can call the customer care team. They would know about each and every detail about the medication that you have purchased through that mail order pharmacy.

You just have to mention the name of the drug and they would give details about the active ingredient in it, manufacturer of the medication, dosage strength and much more.

Know about your medication clearly before taking it.