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Get Provigil LegallyProvigil is an important medication that is used by many persons worldwide. In the US, the drug is classified as schedule IV, and hence it requires a prescription for use. Any persons taking Provigil other than those for whom the drug is prescribed are liable to come under the scrutiny of the legal authorities due to the drug status. Having a Provigil prescription also ensures that you are taking the drug in the right manner and not abusing it. Many buyers may look to getting Provigil from an online pharmacy as it is more convenient and cheap. However, the question of legality arises. Here are the ways to legally buy Provigil online without any hassles.

Use your prescription to buy Provigil online

If you have a valid prescription for Provigil then you can go ahead and use it to place your order online. Licensed online pharmacies always ask for a prescription and may use the one you have to get it filled according to the drug course advised by your healthcare provider. Not all doctors would easily prescribe Provigil for you though. Unless you have a severe sleep disorder or have a condition for which the off-label use of Provigil is required, the physician will not write you the prescription. Online pharmacy Provigil is easy to get as you just have to upload your prescription, process the payment and get the medication delivered to your address. This is legal and there are no hitches in this process.

Buying Provigil without prescription

Provigil without prescription is also possible if you choose the right online drugstore and reside in a country where a prescription is not legally required. Some countries like India and Mexico manufacture the generic Modafinil pills and these can be bought as over the counter Provigil. If you require taking this drug but require a prescription according to your country’s laws, then you can obtain an online prescription for Provigil. This is possible by choosing a reputed online pharmacy that offers the services of a certified healthcare professional online. Upon consulting your symptoms, the internet doctor will provide the online Provigil prescription if deemed necessary. This can then be used to place the order online.

Ensuring that your Provigil online purchase is legal

You would not want your online Provigil order to be entangled in legal issues. This is why you should take measures to prevent this from happening. Even if the drug is bought from an overseas pharmacy online, check the regulations set by your country of residence regarding buying prescription medication from other countries. Take care to choose only an online drugstore that is licensed and verified as otherwise you may end up with low quality or counterfeit pills. For your Provigil purchase to legal as well as safe, always opt for an online pharmacy that asks for a prescription. Provigil without prescription may not always be offered by reputed online drugstores. Buying prescription medication online is legal if the buyer is prescribed to take it. Just make sure that the drug is taken only as recommended.