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Disposing unused medicationsOnline pharmacy prescription medications play a vital role in the life of many people but these become unused while it expires. There are certain procedures that have to be followed to dispose unused medications and after reading our instructions follow it in the same way.

Drugs take back events

Once you no longer have to use the medication then it means that you have to dispose it very soon. DEA which is known as Drug Enforcement Administration would conduct programs like drugs take back events.

This program is created to collect all the unused and expired medication from the people. They would appoint some teams in the society who would be responsible to collect unused medications.

They would also provide phone number to the people to make the task easy. People can call to this number and tell about the availability of the medications that are not required and they would come to your place to collect it.

Use the trash

Not all times wouldthese programs be available to the people to dispose the medications. If there is no possibility to give it to these teams then you can go about disposing the drugs on you own safely and securely.

First of all you can mix the medications with dirt or coffee grounds. Do not break, crush or do any damage to the pills. Put everythingin to a sealed plastic bag and put it in the trash. Now you would be left out with the empty container. You have to remove the name of the patient mentioned in itand also remove the name of the medication and throw the container.

Flush the medication

People can also use this technique. There are drugs that can be fatal when taken by patients who have no prescription for it. In this case, the person has to be very keen while disposingthe drugs.

You can just flush the pills in the toilet. Do not pull the container inside the toilet and throw it in the trash.

Why it is important to dispose unused medications?

It is very important to dispose the medications that will be unused or it is already expired. When you keep the pills at home there are chances that some other person would mistakenly have access to medication. The risk is more with pets and children.

When expired medications are taken by a person, it would cause ill effects in them. A drug which has crossed the expiration date is similar to the poison. People cannot benefit by taking these pills.

What are the precautions that have to be followed before taking a medication?

It is important that you check the expiry date before taking the drug. There are pills that have to be taken for longer period of time. In this situation, people won’t be checking the expiry date.

Make a practice to check the expiry date more often. Developing this habit would prevent you from many issues for sure.

Another best way to be followed is to procure the medications which have so many years for the expiry. In this case, you would complete your course of treatment within this time frame.

Not only the quality of the drug but even the expiry date of it, will have a great effect on the person.