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online prescription mistakesPharmacies are the busiest place and pharmacists are known to fill the prescriptions very often. Sometimes they have to fill about 30 prescriptions in an hour. At this pace, there are chances for a pharmacist to do a mistake. This is not an exception in a pharmacy online too.

How mistakes happen in online medical scripts?

There are many drugs that would look alike or sound alike; in this case there are chances between switching the pills. For an example, mistake more commonly happens between these two drugs and they are methylphenidate and methadone. Though they are little similar these medications are known to treat two different medical conditions.

Another mistake which happens is that an online pharmacist would fail to check the drug interactions. This is very essential and if they fail to check these then there is a possibility for side effects in a person and sometimes it can be fatal.

Other possibility is the people receiving wrong medications from the online pharmacy. It would be the package that belongs to someone else.

What should you do before taking the medication purchased online?

Wherever you are buying medication online, it is important to check whether you have received the right medication or not.

We are going to give you some examples to prevent the intake of wrong pills.

  • You would have taken the same medication last time and now while refilling your prescription; you feel that the drug does not match to the size, color or shape of the original pill.
  • You should be a clever person to check whether the medication you received at your home is correct or not by checking it online. There are many blogs that would help you to identify the medication.

How should you react when you find your online prescription mistakes?

If you have found out that you have received a wrong medication then it is important not to take it. In addition to that, it is important to inform the online pharmacy about the mistake that has happened.

The online pharmacists are humans and errors are very common. By telling them about this mistake, it would help them to identify how it happened and prevent similar occurrences in the future.

In case, you have taken or the person whom you know has taken the wrong drug and experienced any harmful effects or if it caused fatal, it is still important to inform about the issue to the online pharmacy but keep the online prescription safe. It might be needed if you want to take this issue to the court.

However, these occurrences are very much rare in a mail order pharmacy. If you still want to be very careful then go about choosing the site that would be offering only specific medication to the customer. In this situation, there is no chance for any confusion and you can get the right medication with the appropriate dosage strength.