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buying medications online safelyInternet has bloomed more than what people imagined a decade before. Buying things through online stores has become a day-to-day activity in many homes. The same goes for buying medications from online sites. The question now in hand is about the safety of buying prescription drugs online from foreign online pharmacies.

Avoiding privacy risk

What is the risk in randomly choosing a foreign site for your medication needs? First of all, your privacy and bank card details may be at risk. Other basic problems involving an unsecured website are not unknown to you either. Personal information starting from your address to your debit card or credit card details may be easily accessible by anyone. First and foremost, check whether the payment gateway is a secured pathway. In other words, when the site directs you to a payment page, the URL should turn to HTTPS from HTTP.  You should also read the terms and conditions, privacy policies and other details to know about the cookies, tracking software and how they use the data they collect from you.


Not all countries around the world have strict regulations. When it comes to USA; FDA and other departments have high control over the ingredients, manufacturing process and others. The brands and ingredients which are tagged as illegal or unsafe in USA can be easily found in other countries. Before buying a medication from the site, research about the brand name and ingredients in the drug. Check whether the brand is allowed in your country. This is usually a problem while buying generic medications

Some medications are not legally allowed to be brought into certain countries. It is not safe to trust a pharmacy that promises to deliver such medication to your doorstep.

Fake brands

Some brand name might look like a genuine typo. For instant, there are a lot of generic Viagra in the market but, there is none with the name ‘Generic Viagra’. Check whether the brand name matches with your prescription. The medications sold under names that look very similar to a brand name might be a low quality one too. It is recommended to learn about the manufacturer and choose the right one.


If the drug that you receive looks poorly packed, it indicates that the storage standard of the company is not up to the standards. If you are delivered such a medication, it is better to return it. Poorly stored medication might have some harmful foreign substances, which can cause serious problems or mild side effects.

Doctor’s prescription

In a few countries, it is relatively easier to buy medications without doctor’s prescription. It is dangerous to use a medication without consulting your doctor. The medication that you are about to buy can interact with the other medications that you already use. Change in dose limit can lead to lethal problems too. Just because a foreign website provides medication without prescription, it is not right to buy so.


It is not possible to check the expiry date before buying the medication. Check the return policy of the site to known whether you can return the drugs in case of the drug being sold after its expiry date. Consuming an expired medication can be lethal.

To avoid all these risks, it is better to choose a genuine and top quality foreign online pharmacy. Check out reviews about the site and customer testimonials before choosing an online pharmacy for your medication needs.