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avoid prescription mix-upsThere are millions of drugs in the world and unfortunately, their names are terribly similar and cause people to be so confused. In some cases, they also look very similar. Do not have worries as you can go about using the techniques below to avoid prescription mix-ups.

Note the drug name and its dosage strength

You can note the name of a medication and the dosage strength that is prescribed for you in an excel sheet. When you have got the medication you can go about checking the drug with the name that you have already noted.

The simpler way is to check whether you have got the right pill from the pharmacist and then can go about paying the money. In the case of a pharmacy online, you can choose the first option.

Check the generic variants

There are many generic variants available for a single medication. If you have received a drug then you have to go about checking other generic variants. In the net, you can know about the color, size, and shape of a generic drug. If it matches to that then you can start using it.

Check the writing in the container

If you have any doubts on whether you have received the right medication or not then you can go about checking the labeling in the container. In that, under indication for use, you can get a clue about the medication that you have received.

Remember the medication that you took

Some people might be on a particular medication for a longer period of time, and they can just go about confirming the pills with the drug that they have taken last month. It is possible for them to remember the appearance of their pill.

Confirm with the doctor

If you are taking a medication to treat any fatal disease or severe conditions then the best way to avoid prescription mix-ups is by confirming with your doctor. Here, you are not only on the safer side but you would also know about why your healthcare professional has prescribed it to you.

Recheck with the pharmacist

This is also the best technique that a person can follow. You can first make a call or go in person to the pharmacist who filled your prescription. Tell them about the questions you have and get clarified. For queries regarding drug information speak with medical representatives at healthprose.org.

If you have received the wrong medications then go about changing it. When the pharmacist comes to know about the mistake that occurred while filling the prescription then they might analyze on how it happened. This would also help them not to repeat it in the future. Even you will be safe from any mishaps.